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“A gesture toward healing national wounds and disharmony”: Hulk Star Mark Ruffalo Wins the Internet, Stands Up for Native American Rights Whose Lands Were Stolen by America

"A gesture toward healing national wounds and disharmony": Hulk Star Mark Ruffalo Wins the Internet, Stands Up for Native American Rights Whose Lands Were Stolen by America

Mark Ruffalo is well known across the globe for playing the role of Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Primetime Emmy award winner has certainly impressed fans with his acting. Ruffalo has been the face of one of the most loved comic book superheroes in recent times. Yet, now the Just like Heaven star has decided to become the face as well as the voice for the Native Americans. Ruffalo has always been a vocal supporter of various social causes, and one such cause is the rights of Native Americans.

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Mark Ruffalo
Mark Ruffalo

The Unnarrated Saga Of Native American Oppression

The Indian Removal Act gave the government the authority to displace Native Americans, and the tribes were forcefully displaced from their ancestral land. The sentiments and faith concerning the sacred land of Native Americans have always been exploited over the years. There have been calls to give back the land which was stolen from the Indigenous American community, yet no strong action was taken due to the political and controversial nature of the issue.

President Barack Obama established the Bears Ears monument to preserve the sacred land. Yet the following Trump government scrapped this decision, making it one of the largest reversals of US land monument protection in history. Trump pushed the gates of oil and gas drilling in previously protected indigenous land. After him, Biden pushed to restore the land protection boundaries once again. Deb Haaland, the country’s first-ever Native American cabinet secretary, marked the revolutionary land protection boundaries which as per him was important to preserve the ancestral indigenous American heritage.

“This is a place that must be protected in perpetuity for every American and every child of the world. Today’s announcement, it’s not just about national monuments. It’s about this administration centering the voices of Indigenous people and affirming the shared stewardship of this landscape with tribal nations.”

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Native American's Protest
Native Americans Protest

Mark Ruffalo Raises His Voice For Native Americans

Mark Ruffalo took to his Twitter account to publicly support the decision for the welfare of Native Americans, unbothered by its political sensitivity. The Normal Heart star has always been supportive of Native American history and culture. Ruffalo has signed on to executive produce an upcoming docuseries that explores the fight against systemic injustice of the Indigenous American communities. 

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Mark Ruffalo in a Protest
Mark Ruffalo in a Protest

It looks like Mark Ruffalo has made up his mind to actively support and promote the Native American community. It is still unclear if the sacred land of Native Americans will be preserved from increasing urbanization. But for the time being the community of Indigenous Americans can team up with the global superstar to present their years of neglected exploitation.

Source: @MarkRuffalo and Huffpost

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