A Gintama Character May be a Better Ninja than Naruto, Making Masashi Kishimoto’s Iconic Character Look Like Nothing

Utsuro's eternal life and unbeatable abilities make it likely that he would always win in a fight against Naruto.

a gintama character may be a better ninja than naruto, making masashi kishimoto’s iconic character look like nothing


  • Naruto is widely acclaimed as one of the best ninja anime characters.
  • However, there is another ninja character who can surpass Naruto in terms of ninja abilities.
  • The antagonist of Gintama, Utsuro’s immortal abilities make him capable of easily defeating Naruto
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Naruto is a really popular anime, and people see him as the ultimate ninja. He’s famous for being powerful, along with his friends and enemies. But, there are other anime characters who are just as good or even better than Naruto in ninja skills.

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Naruto in Boruto Naruto Next Generation
Naruto Uzumaki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

These characters, whether they’re traditional ninjas or use the title more broadly, are really good at things like stealth and assassination. Specifically in Gintama created by Hideaki Sorachi, there’s a ninja character who might be even better than Naruto, making Naruto seem not as skilled compared to this alternative ninja master.


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Utsuro is an Immortal Ninja Who Can’t Be Stopped

Gintama is famous for its mix of humor, action, and emotional storytelling. In the sci-fi version of feudal Japan depicted in Gintama, there are numerous ninjas. Among them, Utsuro stands out as the most powerful due to a unique trait – immortality.

Utsuro in Gintama
Utsuro in Gintama

Utsuro is the major antagonist in Gintama. Utsuro has a complicated character with a sad backstory, and his abilities are connected to the unique world and story of Gintama.

Utsuro possesses an exceptionally high level of Altana energy, granting him agelessness. Being immortal makes him the strongest ninja in the Gintama anime. Not only that, he might be more powerful than the legendary ninja anime character Naruto from Masashi Kishimoto’s manga/anime series.


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Naruto is Nothing in Front of Utsuro Who Grants Immortality to Others

In the Gintama timeline, Utsuro is around 1,000 years old, but he can’t remember the exact age. His name Utsuro is just a new identity he took on because he forgot his original one.


Over many centuries of non-stop fighting and dying, Utsuro has become an incredibly skilled and powerful fighter. Now, instead of finding purpose in battles, he seeks fulfillment through endless killing, showing the deep impact of his long life.

Utsuro fights everyone in Gintama
Utsuro fights everyone in Gintama

He’s not only exceptionally skilled from centuries of combat but is also ageless and can quickly heal from injuries. This means he can’t be defeated by death, making him a formidable opponent.


There’s literally no known way to kill him. Moreover, his blood also grants him powers to give immortality to others. Not only this, but his blood also lets him take control of anyone who has consumed it. This adds an extra layer of danger to his already formidable abilities.

Comparing him to Naruto, Utsuro’s eternal life and unbeatable abilities suggest he’d always come out on top in a fight.


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