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A-List Stars You Never Knew Played TV Villains

Every actor and actress appears in many roles before making it to the “A-List.” These roles turn out to be their stepping stones to the bigger goal, and it’s needless to say, they do those very well too. And let’s be honest, playing the role of a villain showcases more of the actors’ skill set than playing the role of a hero. A well-acted villain impresses more profoundly than the hero does. So, before we forget about such villains’ existence, let’s revisit the A-list stars you never knew played TV villains.

1. How we loved Rami Malek’s performance in Bohemian Rhapsody! He absolutely crushed the role, which also got him an Academy Award. But before entering the list, he played the role of a TV villain in 24 as Marcos Al-Zacar.

24 Rami Malek A-List Stars You Never Knew Played TV Villains
Marcos Al-Zacar by Rami Malek

2. Adam Scott’s roles in The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, and Knocked Up are terrific. We love his comedic roles. Before delivering these performances, he acted as a villain on the teen show Veronica Mars as Mr. Rooks.

Mr. Rooks Veronica Mars A-List Stars You Never Knew Played TV Villains
Mr. Rooks by Adam Scott

3. Alec Baldwin first played an intense role of Joshua Rush in a wildly famous show, Knots Landing. The role turned out to be Baldwin’s big break.

Joshua Rush - Knots Landing A-List Stars You Never Knew Played TV Villains
Joshua Rush by Alec Baldwin

4. If you’ve forgotten Rashida Jones’s role in Freaks and Geeks, then we won’t let you. She played the role of Karen Scarfolli and was a mean bully.

Rashida Jones Freaks and Geeks (1999) A-List Stars You Never Knew Played TV Villains
Karen Scarfolli by Rashida Jones

5. “Joan Harris” has become a household name since Mad Men, which Christina Hendricks played. But before that, she played the role of a con artist incredibly well as Saffron in Firefly.

Firefly A-List Stars You Never Knew Played TV Villains
Saffron by Christina Hendricks

6. J.K. Simmons played many villains and all so well, like J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man and Terence Fletcher in Whiplash. But, along with many significant villain roles, there’s one which we should not forget is Vernon Schillinger in Oz.

A-List Stars You Never Knew Played TV Villains Oz Vernon Schillinger
Vernon Schillinger by J. K. Simmons

7. The famous Spock from the Star Trek films, played by Zachary Quinto, is appreciated by many. But before appearing as Spock, he nailed the role of a villain in the mid-200s and created a mark. It was the role of Sylar in Heroes.

Zachary Quinto Heroes
Sylar by Zachary Quinto

8. One of the fan-favorite actresses from Gotham and Deadpool is Morena Baccarin. But before appearing in these movies and shows, she played the role of Anna on V.

V Morena Baccarin
Anna by Morena Baccarin

9. Another one on our list of A-List stars who played TV villains is a stunning actor- Sterling K. Brown. Before playing Randall Pearson’s complex character on This Is Us, he played the role of a villain, Gordon Walker, in Supernatural. 

Every Supernatural Villain Ranked | CBR
Gordon Walker by Sterling K. Brown

10. John Lithgow is one of the greatest actors ever and has tons of awards for his outstanding performances. However, among several of his stunning performances, the one of a serial killer is unforgettable. He played the role of the Trinity Killer on Dexter. 

John Lithgow Trinity Killer Dexter
Trinity Killer by John Lithgow

Did you know about these actor and their villainous roles? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

Written by FandomWire Staff