“A lot of men won’t do that”: Charlize Theron Was Surprised by X-Men Star James McAvoy While Filming $100M ‘John Wick-esque’ Action Movie

"A lot of men won't do that": Charlize Theron Was Surprised by X-Men Star James McAvoy While Filming $100M 'John Wick-esque' Action Movie

Over her decades-long career, actress Charlize Theron has starred alongside several Hollywood stars and has had varied experiences. She has made friends while working on her projects and has also been famously involved in an on-set feud with her Mad Max: Fury Road co-star Tom Hardy. While the two sorted things as they wrapped filming, the tension among them became a hot topic of discussion among fans.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

And Theron has even acknowledged that there is always some kind of tension while she works with someone. But she was surprised to work with the Scottish actor James McAvoy in the 2017 film Atomic Blonde, who was supportive of her throughout the film.

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Charlize Theron on Working With James McAvoy

The 2017 film Atomic Blonde follows Lorraine Broughton, a top MI6 agent, investigating the murder of a fellow agent and recovering a list of double agents during Cold War. Charlize Theron stars as the lead in the film alongside James McAvoy as David Percival, who assists her during her mission in Berlin.

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Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton, a top-level MI6 Field Agent
Atomic Blonde (2017)

And the actress was grateful to his co-star for letting her take the spotlight in the film. “Sometimes you’re super grateful when you get that. A lot of men won’t do that for women,” she said during an interview with The Associated Press. The Fast X actress shared that she felt the same while working on her 2017 action thriller Atomic Blonde. She shared,

“I’m just grateful whenever a man will walk on, and I had this with James McAvoy on ‘Atomic Blonde,’ when you have a guy who is like, ‘Yeah, I’m here to support you, and I’m OK with that.'”

Charlize Theron with James McAvoy
Charlize Theron with James McAvoy

Theron’s Tully co-star, Mackenzie Davis, also shared that it is rarely seen when male actors are ready to step back and let the female characters have their moment. She claimed that fewer actors willingly accept secondary roles in a female-led film. And Theron had a similar experience working with Ron Livingston as well.

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Charlize Theron is Grateful to Her Tully Co-Star

James McAvoy is not the only actor who has impressed Charlize Theron with his gentleman-like behavior. Her co-star in the 2018 comedy-drama, Tully, also impressed the actress by showing up every day on the set of the film and supporting the project.

A still from Tully (2018)
A still from Tully (2018)

“Ron (Livingston) showed up every single day so invested in the whole thing. When a man does that it means a lot to me,” she said during the interview. Mackenzie Davis further added to her statement, “It’s putting your money where your mouth is.”

The Monster actress has also been open about the issues she has had with her co-stars in the past, one of which includes the Venom star, Tom Hardy. Their fellow actors from the 2015 feature have also confirmed that there was a lot of tension between the two, but they have sorted things out and moved on from their on-set feud.

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