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‘A movie about a Multiverse that’s about to be destroyed’: Fans Blast Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie as Official Merchandise Shows Michael Keaton’s Batplane from Batman 1989

Fans Blast Ezra Miller's The Flash Movie as Official Merchandise Shows Michael Keaton's Batplane from Batman 1989

The latest merchandise reveal of The Flash gives us the first look at the Batplane which is making its appearance again following Tim Burton’s 1989 movie. In 1989’s Batman, Tim Burton featured the iconic Batplane from the comics as “Batwing”. But looks like even the return of Batplane is not hype-worthy enough for the audiences.

Batplane in The Flash
1989’s Batplane to return in The Flash

One of the major complaints from the upcoming film has been the constant uncertainty regarding the projects which were announced in the pre-James Gunn era. After the change of ownership and all the major changes that followed, the fans still don’t know the future of projects like Shazam 2, The Flash, and Aquaman 2.

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The return of Michael Keaton’s Batplane in The Flash

A leak from Twitter revealed an upcoming vehicle going to be shown in the 2023 movie. It is a slightly upgraded form of the Batplane shown in the 1989 Tim Burton directorial and is named “Ultimate Batwing”.

The first footage from the upcoming movie gave us a glimpse of Michael Keaton‘s Batmobile which already hinted that Keaton is bringing a lot of old stuff along with him in the upcoming movie. The Flash will present to us a storyline involving a lot of time travel and multiversal drama. Michael Keaton will be shown as Batman from an alternate universe. Besides him, the movie is also slated to present Ben Affleck with a Batcycle of his own.

Michael Keaton FandomWire
Michael Keaton as Batman

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But despite containing so many interesting elements, the fate of the movie doesn’t look good.

Fans don’t think they should be hyped up for a lost cause

It should be remembered that even after all the controversies related to Ezra Miller and the whole mess regarding the change of WBD ownership, The Flash gained amazing responses in the early test screenings. The feedback gained by the movie even leveled Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy.

The Flash (2023)
The Flash

But the ultimate blow was received by the movie when it was revealed that James Gunn is opting for a hard reboot. This has already made much of the existing DCEU of no use by removing Henry Cavill as Superman. On the other hand, the removal of cameos of Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot from the Andy Muschietti directorial also raised quite a buzz on the internet. According to various sources, The Flash is reportedly going to play a major role in this reboot process.

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As the fans are highly uncertain about the future of the movie, there has been a steady lack of hype regarding it among a certain section of the fandom. We have collected some tweets.

Some fans think the movie should be given a chance and should be judged on its merit instead of thinking about the future. It will be exciting to find out how the multiversal adventure ultimately goes and if DCU can establish its new era through this movie only.

The Flash will be released on June 16, 2023.

Source: Twitter

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