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A Quiet Place: 10 Unheard Facts That Make The Franchise A True Sci-Fi Horror Classic

A Quiet Place 10 Unheard Facts That Make The Franchise A True Sci Fi Horror Classic

A Quiet Place is a true bang for the buck movie for horror fans. There are so many behind the scenes facts about the original movie you never knew. It was more than just a movie about carnivorous alien invaders. It was also an intense and heartfelt family drama and a story of the human spirit’s triumph against all odds. Make sure to know them all before you lay your eyes on A Quiet Place 2.

What Are The Monsters Really?

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In an interview with Empire Magazine, John Krasinski opened up about the nature of the bizarre hunter-killer creatures. Krasinski confirmed that the creatures are indeed aliens. These extra-terrestrial beings come from a planet devoid of light. Their evolutionary chain is way more complex than humanity’s. Due to the environment they grew up in, they are sturdier, have no eyes, and hunt in packs like wolves. They are claimed to be bulletproof by Krasinski. The aliens crash-landed on earth after the meteorite ships they were travelling in crash-landed on Earth. Their home planet has been destroyed.

Krasinski Proposed Using American Sign Language

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The plot idea was still the same when Krasinski came aboard. Aliens with super hearing had taken over the world. But the characters in the movie communicated with simple hand gestures. John Krasinski made some changes when he came in. He proposed the characters use American Sign Language. He also edited the story to include a hearing impaired kid whose hearing aid would be the key to defeating the monsters.

The Creatures Looked Even More Grotesque Before Another “Less Terrifying” Design Was Chosen

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The monsters of A Quiet Place were originally designed to look way more gross and grotesque. But the movie’s visual and graphics supervisor Scott Farrar wanted the monsters to look even ghastlier. While Farrar kept pushing Krasinski, the latter wanted the monsters to have a more raw, primal look. The idea behind Krasinski’s raw design was to confuse the audience. When they first looked at the monster, the viewers would be confused as to what they are looking at because of the odd and bizarre physiological and anatomical make up of the creatures.

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The Baby In The Box Was Not A Prop

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The two crucial scenes they showed us the baby in, they never used props. There was an actual live, healthy, human baby on set that day. Safe to say it was one of the most stressful days on set for the crew. One mistake and they could have done something wrong and hurt the baby. Not to mention the mountain of litigations that would have followed. The crew obviously had the permission from the baby’s parents but it was still an intense shot to take both in front of and behind the camera.

The Movie Was Shot In Old School Style – Recorded On Film Rather Than In A Digital Format

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Nowadays we do not see many movies that go for the analog route. Everybody prefers the digital format in the field of film making. It is easier and cheaper. But a masterpiece requires you to use ways that are hard to master and tame. Krasinski wanted the movie to be shot old school. The movie director even states shooting the movie on film also served to create innovative new techniques for special effects. They also had to look for ways to hide the noise from the recorders and camera.

Not Once Do We See The Names Of The Characters Being Used In The Movie

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This is where it gets interesting. A Quiet Place stayed true to its source. The family members did have names, something the end credits showed us. But the names were not used in the movie’s run-time. They were just used in the end credits sequence to refer to the characters. The movie was this intense and unique that the people forgot this nifty little detail by the time of the movie was midway through.

John Krasinski Played The Monster In A CGI Suit

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The creatures’ final design was only nailed out in post production. The movie’s test screening still had John Krasinski in a motion capture suit. There were audible laughs in the audience when they saw the movie. That was because many of the scenes showing the creatures did not have the CGI treatment. It was mostly Krasinski wearing a body suit and jumping around. Another test screening was done after post production. This time, nobody laughed.

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Theaters Hated The Movie Because It Was So Silent Nobody Wanted To Chew Popcorn

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A Quiet Place was a huge hit at the Box Office. But for a very weird reason, the movie was hated by theater owners all over the globe. The movie had little to no dialogue. It was mostly silent because of the very premise and setting. Theaters make most of their money out of two things – tickets and eatables. Since the movie was so quiet, nobody wanted to chew popcorn and other eatables that might disturb the crowd. Theater owners lost quite a bit of income there.

That Intense Bathtub Scene Took Emily Blunt Exactly One Take

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There is probably no scene as intense as the bathtub scene in A Quiet Place. A pregnant Emily Blunt climbs onto a bathtub while wounded to give birth. All of this is happening while creatures are lurking within the house, hunting for any prey that makes even the slightest of sounds. Blunt nailed the scene in one shot. The moment Krasinski screamed “cut”, Blunt instantly dropped her character and asked what are they having for lunch.

There Were Plans To Add The Movie To The Cloverfield Franchise

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Paramount looked into a lot of scripts while going through ideas over how to extend the Cloverfield franchise. Scripts like The Cellar and God Particle were turned into Cloverfield offshoots. They were planning to do the same to A Quiet Place. Krasinski was against the idea because that would have cut the creative leg space he wanted for the movie. Screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott beck supported Krasinski’s idea and decided to let A Quiet Place off the hook to be its own thing. And now it is a franchise of its own.

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