A Quiet Place: 5 Key Facts Revealed In The Sequel

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It has been almost a year since the sequel to the horror-thriller movie A Quiet Place had been released. The story picks up on where the Abbott family faces new threats without the man of the house. As Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and her three children struggle for survival, they meet an old friend Emmett (Cillian Murphy) and find shelter in his hideout.


The sequel managed to reveal more information about the origin of the creatures. While the first film focused on the struggles of the Abbott family, the sequel showed us the bigger impact of the phenomenon. Here are some of the important details revealed in A Quiet Place II:

The Death Angels Came From Space

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Death Angels, more commonly called the creatures in the movie, were unknown species that ravaged the Earth in the first movie. No one knows exactly where they came from, and that made the viewing experience more thrilling.

In the sequel, it was revealed that, during the baseball game scene, these creatures came from space. An exploding object, definitely a celestial one, was seen falling down from the sky. This implies that the object must be carrying these creatures.

Everyone Knows Everyone

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In a small rural town like where the Abbott family resides, it is possible to know every face. The beginning scene showed Lee Abbott waving to a couple of people every time he passed by a store. During the baseball game, he chats with Emmett, who is also a key character. Evelyn also greeted a fellow parent with a kiss.

This small detail captured during the few minutes of flashback gave a hint on how this strange phenomenon ruined a peaceful town and its inhabitants’ lives. It is also an essential scene to establish the relationship between the Abbott family and Emmett.

The Creatures Cannot Swim

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There is an island that became a safe haven for some people, and Emmett and Regan managed to get to it after they survived the catastrophe on the dock. In the morning, Emmett found a boat washed ashore near the island. He ran and warned the people, but it was too late.

No one can tell if this is a coincidence or perhaps these creatures have some sort of instinct. Still, a monster somehow managed to hide inside an unmoored boat that has been washed by the tides towards the island.

Dogs Can Sense Them

A-Quiet-Place II-2


Animals are very intelligent creatures and obviously have ten times stronger senses than humans. This is why during the baseball game scene, a dog started barking ferociously even before the sight of the falling celestial object.

Clearly, it was the sound that rang the alarm which means that these alien creatures have a certain frequency. Besides, the movie relies heavily on sound and silence.

People Turned Cannibals



It’s devastating to find out what people have become after the plague of the Death Angels. There had been a shortage of food, and these people resorted to survival cannibalism.

One could tell from their behavior, lean figure, and swollen red eyes that they have been deprived of sustenance for a long time.


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