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A Quiet Place Theory Explained: The Monsters Were Sent To Earth By Another Master Species

A Quiet Place Theory Explained The Monsters Were Sent To Earth By Another Master Species

A Quiet Place has given us one of the scariest and most terrifying movie monsters. But it is yet to explain how these Monsters landed up on Earth in the first place. From earlier interviews and revelations from the crew members, we know that A Quiet Place Monsters came to Earth in meteorites. But how did they manage to get here? And why are they so hell-bent on killing all humans? Moreover, how come a species this primitive and violent managed to solve space travel?

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A Reddit theory gives us quite a plausible theory that might give us an answer to that question.

The monsters in A Quiet Place are perfect killing machines. They hunt via sound and are completely blind. They rely on their hearing to sense their prey. And their razor sharp jaws and teeth coupled with a bulletproof hide impervious to small arms fire does the rest. They are monsters that seem like they were made to hunt down lesser prey wherever they go. By their mode of hunting and the way they act, these monsters seem like they are the perfect Apex Predators. They have no equal in the food chain, always remaining on top.

A Quiet Place 2 Monster origin

Is it a coincidence that the perfect biological killing machines landed en masse on Earth, which is merely one planet in a literal sea of trillions and trillions of other planets? The probability of that happening is almost next to zero. And that brings us to the only logical conclusion. The Quiet Place monsters did not land on earth by chance. They were sent here by another, more intelligent alien species that had engineered them for wiping out entire civilizations.

A Quiet Place II Gives Conclusive Proof

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In A Quiet Place II, we see the sudden crash landing of hundreds of meteorites on Earth. And the opening credits show the meteorites cracking from the inside as monsters spring out of them, wiping out friends and family and leaving behind a trail of blood and destruction. The first movie has already established the fact that the monsters are completely blind and rely solely on sound to hunt their prey. These monsters have an unnatural obsession with anything that makes a sound. They will go to extreme lengths to kill the source, be it a human being or an alarm clock.

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A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II sees the Shoeless and the Abbott Family trying their best to find out the monsters’ weakness. Since the monsters easily wiped out the human civilization, which was at its technological peak back when they landed, it’s a task easier said than done. But nobody in the world of A Quiet Place has yet asked the question why did they come here and how did they manage to do it?!?!

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Clearly the monsters in A Quiet Place have traits and abilities that make them perfect for killing humans. They have a strangely powerful biological defense against traditional human weapons and tactics. They work in groups, and ensure the human civilization stays scattered and divided. For a group of primal beasts to be this intelligent as well as ferocious, it requires intense training and genetic conditioning. Only another alien species with access to advanced technology far beyond human understanding could create such monstrosities.

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The theory argues that there is a way to kill the monsters. High frequency sounds seem to be the kill switch. The monsters’ alien masters use this to disarm the monsters and keep them tamed when they have served their purpose. And that is what the Shoeless-Abbott family as well as the entire human civilization is looking for.

The Kill Switch.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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