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A Serbian Film – Most Disgusting Movie Of All Time Gets Uncensored Release After 10 Years

You think Saw and Hostel movies are blood and gore’s zenith? There’s a lot more where that came from. There are movies the sane world has not seen. Movies that are so grotesquely scary it will scare the Boogeyman away. The movie in question is so disturbing and gut-wrenching, even the bravest horror fans will not be able to stomach it. Imagine The Human Centipede. Now multiply its ick factor by one thousand. We give you A Serbian Film.

After 10 years, the movie is finally getting an uncensored and uncut release. If you have seen this movie, you know the very mention of its name makes you take the backfoot. No movie in the history of the industry has explored blood and gore in such an epic , gruesome fantasy. Some psychos will now find this movie extremely alluring now. For those who are still ready to read further, be warned.

Things might get real ugly.

Torture Porn movies like Saw, Hostel and Wrong Turn blend body horror and bloodshed. In the end, there are some scenes that lie beyond human comprehension., The very sight of that makes us puke. But A Serbian Film flips the script on the exploitation genre. It touches upon subjects even movies like Saw would never dare to. And that ladies and gentlemen, is saying something.

Unearthed Films is handling the re-release of the movie. In a statement, they wrote and we quote:

‘The film shines on beautiful Blu-ray and DVD with English Subtitles. It’s the first time the film has been released from the 4K master!’

If you lucky enough not to have seen this movie, we even got the synopsis for you. The story tells the tale of Milos, a down on his luck former porn actor. With his wife Maria and six year old son Petar, he lives in Serbia, a country wrought with economic downturns. Milos is struggling to make ends meet. That is when Layla comes in. Layla is an old friend from of Milos, dating back to his days in the industry. Layla introduces Milos to Vukmir. Vukmir is a powerful figure of the movie making industry who also happens to very politically connected.

Vukmir offers Milos a role in his next project. The reward is simple – Milos and his family will be taken care off for the rest of their lives. Milos agrees without realizing what he is getting into. Thrown into the epicenter of a storm of ultra-violence and chaos, Milos has to dig his way out of Vukmir’s grotesque vision. Milos must save his family all the while dodging Vukmir’s attempt to disregard his sanity and take away the things most precious to him.

The theatrical release for the movie drew controversies not just for its violent content but also because of the censorship. Ardent fans of the genre called the censorship to be uncalled for. The movie was supposed to be screen in Frightfest but the board received many complaints by people. Many of them claimed the movie lacked an age certificate from BFFC and thus was inappropriate.

The censorship body has already ordered 49 individual cuts to the movie. The total number of scenes to be cut down from the movie will be about 3 minutes and 48 seconds. the movie festival refused to screen the movie because they thought the cuts would blunder the vision of the movie’s director.

If you want to purchase the movie in the UK, you can still do it. The version available in stores is the edited out version with the proposed cuts. Despite may horrifying scenes being snuffed out, there’s still plenty of bloodshed and massacre to ease your psychotic nerves.

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Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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