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A Statistical Comics About Life And Other Insignificant Things.

Visual Developer and Digital Artist Raf Schoenmaekers who lives in Belgium created statistics comics to entertain people all around. On November 2019, Raf found his interest in the field of statistics. As statistics are mostly used in media, in science fields and also in politics. A few months after he started his comics there was an outbreak globally called the Covid-19, all the media channels were flooded with many statistics, and Raf couldn’t help himself but to touch upon the topic very lightly. Raf’s always been inspired by Tom Gauld who is truly a master of this field and that’s the reason he started to create these comics in the first place. So here are 10 of his best absurd cartoon series with a glimpse of reality. So hold your breath as we dive into statistical comics about life and other insignificant things.

1 Not In Here You Fool:

2.Chocolate Pie Or Bar:

3 Low IQ:

4. It’s Always That 1%:

#5 Equality Between Everyone:

6 More Trouble Due To Climate Change:

7. It’s Practically Impossible:

8 Some Facts And Figures:

#9 It’s Corona Time…..

10 Proper Efficiency:

Source: Raf Schoenmaekers

Written by FandomWire Staff

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