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AAA Jurassic Park Game Could Be in Development According to Industry Insider

Due to the upcoming release of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, an open-world Jurassic Park game does not sound like something that is outside the realms of possibility. And, if a recent industry rumor doing the rounds is to be believed, then it is in fact well within the realms of possibility.

When it comes to any video game rumor, one must keep their mind open to the fact that information could prove be false. In a world that revolves around rapid transmission of information, leaks can be misreported and the truth can get buried. Although one should approach gaming rumors cautiously, it is always fun to imagine what could be, when it appears industry insiders are spilling classified secrets. Recently, one such insider who goes by the user name, DemonCarnotaur, posted to ResetEra about the potential for a new AAA Jurassic Park game. The user’s post says:  

“So recently I heard a AAA Jurassic Park game is in development, though I’m not sure who is the developer or publisher — all I know is ‘it’s the game fans have been hungry for’. So that got me thinking, what type of game would you like to see a narrative driven Jurassic Park game be, and what developer would you like to see tackle it?”

“Personally, I think something that can learn from games like semi-open hub worlds of the new Tomb Raider games + survival & puzzles over combat aspects of Alien Isolation would be a great fit. Mix platforming, puzzles, and finding tools that allow you to explore news areas and avoid dinosaurs without turning into Turok or something of the sorts.”

“It’s not an easy feat, but if coupled with top-notch storytelling I think there could really be something special. Are there any developers out there that you think could be a perfect fit?”

Although there is no way to substantiate the post made by DemonCarnotaur, the concept of a new AAA Jurassic Park game is certainly food for thought, and not an entirely unlikely scenario. The Jurassic Park intellectual property has led to several video games over the years with the first being Jurassic Park in 1993 and the most recent being Jurassic World Evolution 2 in 2021. There have been games for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, LEGO games, PC games and even games in VR. The word of Jurassic Park has had a massive spread over the years. 

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Is a AAA Jurassic Park game secretly in the works?
Is a AAA Jurassic Park game secretly in the works?

There will definitely be gamer who reads this information and questions why anyone would want another Jurassic Park game. A new game is released at-least every other year and the franchise has been pushing content out since the original movie in 1993. While there is certainly a good case to be made against more games, one could also argue with the right developer and the right gameplay style, the best Jurassic Park game has yet to be born. 

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While the film side of the franchise has focused primarily on Jurassic World since 2015, a new game could go back to the roots of the original film. One announcement for Jeff Goldblum or Samuel L. Jackson returning in the game and fans of the classic movie would be in dinosaur heaven. If it were done properly a Jurassic Park title could still be fresh and might find a stronger footing in the horror genre.

A clever developer could even try what NetherRealm Studios is doing with Mortal Kombat 1 and completely reboot the storyline, in game form. The possibilities are endless and could breathe new life into the series, but until the announcement comes, it’s all just a rumor wrapped dream from a ResetEra post. 

Do you think a new and exciting AAA Jurassic Park game is in development or is the idea too good to be true? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think. 

Source: ResetEra

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