‘He’s going to be the hunter we all want him to be’: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Says His Conservationist Comment Was Taken Out Of Context, Confirms Kraven Will Be a Badass Hunter

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Now, that Sony has announced that there will be a Kraven The Hunter movie starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, fans have been more than excited to see their favorite character come to life.


However, when actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson made a comment involving the words “animal lover” and “Kraven” in the same sentence, the fans were quick as a bunny to jump to conclusions about the upcoming Sony project.

Kraven An 'Animal Lover' Says Aaron Taylor-Johnson 1
Aaron Taylor-Johnson As Kraven

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Kraven The Hunter: The Russian Beast

Created by Stan Lee, Sergei Nikolaievich Kravinoff also widely known as Kraven The Hunter is a native Russian character. Kraven was brought up in nobility which was later lost to his family after which he turned into a hunter to feel confident and strong again.

Initially, a normal hunter who hunted with specific tools, Kraven turned to hunt with nothing but his hands post drinking a magic potion that enhances his physical abilities and senses to that of a wild animal. The potion was provided to him by Calypso, a witch doctor.

Kraven The hunter
Kraven The Hunter

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Kraven is mostly known for his role as an antagonist in Spider-Man’s life. It was implied that Kraven’s half-brother had turned him towards Spider-Man to target him when the character got bored of his hunting animal days (what a reason to want someone dead).

The tale of Kraven’s death was a…well, different one than most villains. Unlike most protagonists, Kraven actually did get an upper hand on Spider-Man once (although not fatally) and then, to prove his point, went around donning a Spider-Man suit and beating up criminals.

One thing led to another and Kraven had ended up taking his own life after killing more than 15 men in a day and capturing Vermin (a villain to defeat whom Spider-Man needed Captain America’s help!) single-handedly.


Kraven The Hunter Or Kraven The Animal Lover? Aaron Taylor-Johnson Explains His Conversationalist Comment

It’s clear from not only Kraven’s life story but his actual rugged appearance that Kraven is definitely not a lover. A true hunter at heart with blood in his hands and insanity in his mind, Kraven is one of the most dangerous Spider-Man villains.

However, fans questioned Kraven’s Sony adaptation when the actor set to play Kraven’s character, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, made a statement during an interview about how Kraven is an “animal lover” and “protector the nature”.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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Worried fans went on their social media platforms to drag Sony for “ruining yet another character” by making Kraven soft and lover instead of a ruthless fighter. One of them even called Sony a coward.

When this news blew up with backlash, Aaron Taylor-Johnson made a public statement and declared that his words were “taken out of context”.

“I can’t confirm any details or anything. And also, I guess it was probably taken out of context a bit and then executed. I mean, I think you know what I meant, what I was really saying was that he was a protector of the natural world, I said, and he’s a conservationist, which is probably more accurate, and then it should have stopped there full stop, I shouldn’t have. gone beyond that because, yes, I think you know you really have to understand, yes, he is a hunter and from that world of hunting and there are so many aspects.

According to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kraven is going to be “the hunter we all want him to be.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see how many of these statements are true. Hopefully, Kraven The Hunter won’t be a disappointment.

What I love about that character is that what he’s humanizing is that he’s flawed, right? Kraven is a beautiful character. Sergei Kravinov is a beautiful character because he is someone who really understands himself and has flaws. This is a character that was built a long time ago and is in a new time and era, but yeah, will he be the hunter we all want to see? Yes absolutely. Absolutely.”

Kraven The Hunter is all set to premiere on January 13, 2023.


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