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“About time”: Internet Reacts to Star Wars Legend Carrie Fisher Receiving a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

"About time": Internet Reacts to Star Wars Legend Carrie Fisher Receiving a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Star Wars Day is finally here and what better way to celebrate the legendary occasion than a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Carrie Fisher? May the Fourth, is a day conquered by Star Wars fans purely because of the iconic phrase that dominated pop culture. “May the force be with you.”

Carrie Frances Fisher as Princess Leia
Carrie Frances Fisher as Princess Leia

Every year fans find unique ways to celebrate their favorite franchise and show just how much they have loved and adored the characters and the stories. Throughout the years, there have been multiple ways fans have swung their lightsabers into action. However, one of the most awaited tributes has finally manifested with that of Carrie Fisher’s star. The Hollywood Walk of Fame may have some great names in its track but, with the addition of the late actress, it has gotten much grander.

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Carrie Fisher Gets Her Own Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Star Wars fans know just how mesmerizing an actress Carrie Fisher is. She easily managed to steal the show with her stunning performance as Princess Leia. Whether it was Luke Skywalker’s brilliant-minded sister or Han Solo’s kind lover, Fisher has a way of stealing the hearts of the fans. The actress died in 2016, putting the entire fandom into a sense of sorrow and dwelling upon her fond memories.

Carrie Fisher Princess Leia 1
Carrie Fisher in Star Wars

While melancholy remained in the air with her passing, the pride of seeing her play the vivacious Princess immortalized the actress. Now Hollywood itself has chosen to honor the actress. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would have the name of Carrie Fisher from 4th May 2023. Not only is she immortalized in the hearts of the fans but, now she is also one of the celebrities who will always have a place in Hollywood as an eternal figure of hope, charisma, happiness, and just pure admiration.

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Fans Celebrate Carrie Fisher’s Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Carrie Fisher Princess Leia
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

Fans are overjoyed to see Carrie Fisher finally being honored in such an incredible way and that too on a day as auspicious as Star Wars Day. All the cheering is echoing of how her star is well deserved and how it perhaps should have been done much before.

Nonetheless, fans are happy to see just how big her contribution to the series is being taken. Princess Leia’s compassion and wit were not unnoticed and the way Fisher brought her to life was unlike any other star. Carrie Fisher, May The Force Be With You.

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