“Absolutely!”: Mark Wahlberg Never Forgets to Do 1 Thing Daily Before His Brutal Pre-Dawn Workouts of Hell

Mark Wahlberg always makes sure he gets down on his knees every morning.

“Absolutely!”: Mark Wahlberg Never Forgets to Do 1 Thing Daily Before His Brutal Pre-Dawn Workouts of Hell


  • Mark Wahlberg revealed in an interview that he starts his day by saying his prayers.
  • The actor shared the importance of prayer meditations and how it helped him become a better person.
  • Wahlberg expresses his faith in public, but he does not force it on anyone, not even on his family.
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Mark Wahlberg is one of the few actors in Hollywood who openly professes his faith. From his bad boy image during his early career in Hollywood, he transformed into a religious and disciplined man who is equally devoted to his religion as well as his acting career.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg in Uncharted

Amid his busy schedule, the Uncharted star never forgets to spend a few quiet moments in the morning to say his prayers. Not only does it help him connect with his inner self, but it also makes him a better husband and father.

Mark Wahlberg Spends His Early Mornings On Prayer Meditations

During his appearance on Fox & Friends, actor Mark Wahlberg talked about faith and the power of prayer meditations, and how it helped him improve as a person.


People are always asking, what are you giving up? I’ve given many things up for Lent, whether it be alcohol or something sweet, but for me, it’s really about trying to do more, trying to be better, trying to grow as a person, as a servant. God, a father, a husband as an example, and using all that real-life experience that I have.”

mark wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

He told the host that he “absolutely” spends his morning on his knees saying his prayers, making his faith a priority before starting his daily routines.

People always ask, ‘Why can’t you have a normal schedule?’ My thing is, if I’m at home, I do all the things that I need to do that are personal time before the kids and my wife get up. I always get eight hours of sleep. It’s not like I’m burning the candle at both ends, per se. I’m getting the rest that I need.”

He went on to describe his usual day as going to bed as early as 7 p.m. and getting up at 3 a.m. to do his meditations, after which he begins his work for the day, either going to the gym or working on sets.

Mark Wahlberg Does Not Force His Faith On His Family Or Other People

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham
Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham with kids

It is not every day fans come across an actor who talks about his faith in interviews. Mark Wahlberg confessed it is important for him to share his beliefs without forcing it on other people. He stated via Today:


I don’t want to jam it down anybody’s throat, but I do not deny my faith. That’s an even bigger sin. You know, it’s not popular in my industry, but I cannot deny my faith. It’s important for me to share that with people. But, I have friends from all walks of life and all different types of faiths and religions, so it’s important to respect and honor them as well.”

He admitted he does not force his family to follow his religion, but they are very aware that he needs to start his day with prayers, reading the Scripture, or attending a mass. Still, he wishes they would also embrace it if they see that it could also work for them.


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