Absurd Theory Suggests Crocodile Might Actually be Luffy’s Parent in One Piece

The weird fan theory surrounding Sir Crocodile being Monkey D. Luffy's mother has some legit points to back it up.

Absurd Theory Suggests Crocodile Might Actually be Luffy’s Parent in One Piece


  • One Piece is one of the greatest anime of all time, with Eiichiro Oda putting teasing the fans with several mysteries has made it more popularly.
  • Eiichiro Oda has a habit of keeping the mysteries until the very last and it has led to the birth of many fan theories, with the "CrocoMon" theory being one of the weirdest in all of anime world.
  • The "CrocoMom" theory claims that Sir Crocodile was initially a woman and later changed to a man with the help of Revolutionary Army's Ivankov, and that he is the mother of Monkey D. Luffy.
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One Piece is one of the oldest running anime and is considered to be one of the Big Three. It is a masterpiece, and even after almost 25 years, it still is on the top according to Viz Media and Manga Plus. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, gave his heart and soul to his creation, and rightfully, the fans have loved every bit of it.


The journey of a teenager named Monkey D. Luffy to become the King of the Pirates has inspired thousands of people. The anime brings lots of modern issues to the table but makes it easy for everyone to understand. One of the things that One Piece brings with it is weird fan theories. Among them, the most bizarre one claims Crocodile to be the mother of Monkey D. Luffy.

Crocodile Is A Transgender In One Piece

Sir Crocodile
Sir Crocodile

The absurd theory about Crocodile being transgender started during the late 2000s. The theory was termed as “CrocoMom” theory. While the anime and manga have portrayed Crocodile to be a male and a powerful character, the theory suggests that he was initially a female. The theory has enough points to back up their weird theory.


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The first speculation started during the Impel Down arc. Monkey D. Luffy warned Ivankov to not break out Crocodile since they had a past. But Ivankov assured Luffy that if Crocodile tried anything funny, he would reveal his real identity since he had known him for a long time. Moreover, Ivankov called him a “croco boy”, and emphasized the ‘boy’ part.

Ivankov had the power to change one’s gender so it gave rise to the speculation that Crocodile might have asked him to change his gender. The next point came when Gol D. Roger was being executed. Eiichiro Oda showed every influential character of One Piece during the Pirate King’s execution, except for Crocodile. Only his back was visible to the audience.

crocodile and ivankov
Crocodile and Ivankov

The third point is a far-stretched one but still holds a significant meaning. While other Warlords or powerful pirates had nicknames placed before their name, Crocodile had something different. He was known as Desert King. But instead of being called Desert King Crocodile, he named himself Desert King Sir Crocodile. Apart from that, the introduction of Bon Clay proved that he was fine with people from the Queer community being on his Pirate crew.

He created a team consisting of one female and one male. But for Bon Clay, he was allowed to be the male. as well as the female. Eiichiro Oda once drew the childhood versions of each Warlord. While others’ genders were easily identified, Crocodile’s version could not be identified. As of fun way, he once drew a female Crocodile, and it was enough to add gasoline to this bizarre fan theory.

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Sir Crocodile Is Monkey D. Luffy’s Mother In One Piece

young crocodile
Young Crocodile

The “CrocoMom” theory did not end after suggesting that Sir Crocodile is transgender. It even one step further and claimed Sir Crocodile to be the mother of Monkey D. Luffy. During the fight with Luffy at Arabasta, Crocodile was constantly lecturing him like a parent. But questions may arise as to why he was trying to kill his son. The answer to that question is that Crocodile did not know that he was fighting his son.

Even though Luffy had the same initials as Monkey D. Dragon, no one ever thought him to be his son. The same happened with the Desert King. Now coming to the Marineford arc, after Monkey D. Luffy’s identity was revealed, Crocodile’s behavior changed completely. He was seen to protect Luffy from Doflamingo and asked one of his comrades, Daz Bones, to stop Dracule Mihawk’s attacks.

crocodile saving luffy
Crocodile saving Luffy

While fighting, he had the typical scared eyes that Oda uses in One Piece. Later, when Ace died, and Luffy went numb from crying, Akainu tried to kill him, but Jimbei came to the rescue. After Jimbei was overpowered, Crocodile fended off Akainu’s magma and let them escape. Crocodile created a small sandstorm to help them transport to Trafalgar D. Water Law’s submarine.


The “CrocoMom” theory may be a bizarre one, but it is one of the most popular theories in One Piece. In a few circumstances, it was understandable that it was just a bizarre theory, but when Eiichiro Oda reverted from showing Sir Crocodile’s face and had Ivankov emphasize the “boy” part and drew a female version of Crocodile, the theory found its way through the fans again.

Crocodile as shown during Roger's execution in Netflix's One Piece Season 1
Crocodile as shown during Roger’s execution in Netflix’s One Piece Season 1

The recent addition to this theory came when a female, who looked like Sir Crocodile, made an appearance during Gol D. Roger’s execution in One Piece Live Action. Moreover, Luffy looks a lot like a Crocodile, and gangster Luffy purposely chooses to dress up as Crocodile. This is a bizarre fan theory, but it cannot be overlooked since it provides convincing points. But until any official confirmation is made or Oda reveals any secrets it will remain a fan theory.

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