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“Accept the things you can not change”: Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Is Not Bothered About Losing His Eye Sight, Makes No Major Attempt to Fix it Despite $300 Million Net Worth

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Is Not Bothered About Losing His Eye Sight

Iron Man star and MCU godfather, Robert Downey Jr. has been through experiences that few of us are not aware of. His very public life was riddled with substance abuse up to such a point that the sets of his ’90s movies had become a blur for the actor. The prison was a turning point and so was Marvel. Since 2008, the actor has not only become a legend but one deserving of immense praise and global adoration solely for rehabilitating himself and becoming an icon for generations to come.

Robert Downey Jr.

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Iron Man Star Robert Downey Jr. Talks About Losing Eyesight

The ability to see fundamentally makes us aware of the world around us. So to lose vision after spending one’s entire life in the seeing world is a hard loss to bear. Not for Robert Downey Jr. though. The Charlie Chaplin actor has spent half his life under the influence of alcohol and hard drugs and the rest of it trying to overcome and make up for that blurry past. As age throws him another hurdle along the way, it seems RDJ couldn’t be bothered to be fazed by anything anymore.

Robert Downey Jr. on The Joe Rogan Experience
Robert Downey Jr. on The Joe Rogan Experience

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In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Robert Downey Jr. expressly stated, “Accept the things you cannot change” while talking about how he plans to tackle his losing eyesight. After rambling discussions about Lasik surgeries, corrective glasses, and an app invented by “some Israeli guy”, the discussion veered toward the inevitable — let nature take its own course. In the end, “you know where you’re at by what you’re able to retain.”

Robert Downey Jr. & His Spectacular Collection of Glasses

The infamous glasses of Robert Downey Jr. almost melded with his on-screen persona, Tony Stark’s wardrobe accessories. Known famously now as E.D.I.T.H., the term was first used in Spider-Man: Far From Home by Tom Holland’s MCU character, Peter Parker, in the aftermath of his mentor, Iron Man’s death. Now, these glasses have become almost as classic and universally recognizable as the Marvel character himself.

RDJ and Jeff Bridges arrive at the Iron Man premiere
RDJ arrives at the Iron Man premiere

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Unfortunately, however, with age comes the degeneration of senses, and no matter how much we deify our on-screen favorites, time subjects everyone to its calamities. Robert Downey Jr.’s gradual loss of eyesight is one of the latest purported victims but instead of fighting it medically or seeking solutions, the Endgame actor quietly resigns to his fate and does it with the kind of dignity and humor that makes him seem noble, not a victim.

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience

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