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‘I’m Still Waiting’: US Agent Actor Wyatt Russell Hints Marvel May Not Cast Him in Thunderbolts

While discussing his involvement in the project, actor Wyatt Russell hinted at his future in the Thunderbolts movie. At the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, MCU fans worldwide were surprised when both the upcoming Marvel phases, namely Phase 5 and 6, were announced, which included some of the most exciting projects to be ever seen from the Studios. With the news of Thunderbolts marking the end of Phase 5, fans were curious whether the John Walker actor, who we were first introduced to in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, would make his return.

US Agent
Will we see the US Agent in Thunderbolts?

Wyatt Russell Talks About His Involvement In The Upcoming Thunderbolts Movie

Wyatt Russell
Wyatt Russell

When the world last saw John Walker, he was recruited by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine after he was stripped of the Captain America mantle. Following the aftermath of the murder of a Flag-Smasher, we saw John Walker representing his comic-accurate look — a black and red suit which is symbolic of the US Agent. We saw a gradual transition from a supposed “hero” backed by the government to a potential antagonist.

Much like most fans, Russell is just as excited to be potentially involved in the future of Thunderbolts. However, to him, the chances appear bleak at the moment.

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Fandomwire Video
Wyatt Russell as Captain America
Wyatt Russell portraying Captain America

In a recent interview with The Digital Fix, the actor stated his views on a potential reappearance of John Walker, or the US Agent in the Thunderbolts movie. Apparently, the actor is still counting on Marvel to make their decisions, when it comes to his character’s involvement in future MCU endeavors. The actor emphasized the fickle nature of the industry and how things are prone to change in an instant. Following is an excerpt of what he had to say:

“I’m still waiting. I know they’re doing it. I know that they’re planning it. I gotta imagine that there’s something in there for me.”

While the actor seems optimistic, he is also grounded in reality when it comes to a call from Marvel.

Wyatt Russell On Having Worked With Thunderbolts Director Jake Schreier

Jake Schreier
Jake Schreier set to direct Thunderbolts

Seems like the connection Wyatt Russell shares with Thunderbolts does not end with the involvement of his character. Jake Schreier, who is credited for directing Lodge 49, has worked with the US Agent actor before. Things get ironic when you realize that the director is confirmed to be working on Thunderbolts. Russell is quite reluctant to ask the director himself as he respects the “Marvel process.” This is what the actor had to say:


“I know! Because Jake is directing it. It’s so hard not to call Jake and be like, ‘so what’s going on?’ Yeah, you have to hold your tongue, because Marvel has their process, and their process is great. You respect it for how they do it.”

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Thunderbolts movie MCU

When asked about the director’s craftsmanship, Russell said, “I’m biased,” but on further elaboration, the actor stated how Schreier was the right choice and it couldn’t have been more perfect. He also said:

“He’s professional. He’s amazing at filtering ideas, listening to opinions, making the best decisions for the movie, listening to all the voices in the room, but holding power as the filmmaker.”

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While the actor’s return is uncertain, you may catch him in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, streaming exclusively on Disney+.

Meanwhile, Thunderbolts is set for a July 26, 2024 release.

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