Famous Actors Who Have Never Been Oscar Nominated

An Academy Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards in Hollywood. Many actors aspire to receive this award at least once in their acting careers. But we have seen on more than one occasion how some phenomenal actors were not recognized for their exceptional performance. Are Oscars really the benchmark of deciding an actor’s abilities? Here are some famous and iconic actors who were never nominated for Oscar Awards, let alone winning it. 

Alan Rickman

When it comes to recalling some of the most revered A-list actors in the history of cinemas, Alan Rickman is one of them. The late actor charmed his way through every cinema lover’s heart with memorable characters like Severus Snape and Hans Gruber. We don’t know how Oscar didn’t notice these two most iconic characters. 

Jim Carrey

It’s hard to imagine that the legendary name from the ‘90s never got nominated for the Oscars. Some of the classic movies that our souls cling onto star this versatile actor. You’d think that working in films like The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would have earned him a nomination, but sadly they got snubbed.

Keanu Reeves

Yes! The titan of movies and internationally loved gem, Keanu Reeves has never been near the Oscars. Widely known for iconic films like The Matrix and John Wick, Keanu’s most critically-acclaimed performance was in My Own Private Idaho in 1991. 

Thandiwe Newton

Thandiwe is an A-list actor in Hollywood whose work is appreciated by anyone who understands cinemas. She has given several powerful performances that prove what she is capable of. Her biggest achievement was in 2004 Crash that bagged the Academy Award for Best Picture. The film was nominated for six more Oscars, and Thandiwe had also won the British Academy Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. So, it’s more shocking to see that the Oscars chose to ignore her in the nomination.

Kerry Washington

From Django Unchained to Ray, Kerry Washington blessed her characters with life and palpable emotions. No matter how small or big her roles are, Kerry leaves an impact that’s simply impossible to ignore. A remarkable actor like that deserves more recognition than what she gets.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most iconic actors of cinemas who never made it to the Oscars. She stole the spotlight in the commercial hit, True Lies as a wife who didn’t know that her husband was a US spy. Jamie managed to crack the critics’ attention and even got nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role at Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

Oscar Isaac

It’s rather surprising that the Academy Awards missed out on Oscar’s performance in the Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis. Projecting a difficult character and still succeeding in bringing out both its funny and unlikeable elements is a sign of an extraordinary actor. Oscar played the titular role in the movie and got nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes.

Kevin Bacon

Kevin’s portrayal as an inmate in Murder in the First who was battling abuse in the prison had caught the critics’ attention. Watching him descend to madness after regular abuse and kill his fellow inmate was hard to shake off. Kevin threw a powerful performance as his character desperately defended himself during the trials. He won a Critic’s Choice Movie Award and also earned a nomination for Screen Actors Guild Award.