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Actors Who Should Play Norman Osborn In MCU

Actors Who Should Play Norman Osborn In MCU 1

Norman Osborn aspired to become the most influential criminal lord of all by merging all the local gangs under his command, in an attempt to gain control beyond his wildest fantasies. He chose Spider-Man as his target of choice to demonstrate his prowess and build his notoriety. He constructed a costume that resembled a big green goblin monster from his childhood nightmares, and he became the “Green Goblin.” Here is a list of 5 actors who should play Norman Osborn in MCU.

1. Crispin Glover can bring an innate creepiness to the role

One of the actors who can play Norman Osborn
American actor, author, filmmaker, and musician, known for portraying eccentric characters on screen.

Whatever approach the studio chooses for Osborn, it makes sense to hire somebody who can casually play creepy in all respects. Crispin Glover is a remarkable figure in Hollywood since he expertly balances the roles of big-screen actor and eccentric, introverted director. His performance as George McFly in Back to the Future catapulted him to fame. But he’s also noted for his strange and twisted directing work. His tall frame and piercing stare make him appear suspicious and strange all of the time, so he’s naturally terrifying. In a suit, he may look at home as Norman Osborn.

2. Denzel Washington as a businessman-cum-villain

Among actors who would be perfect to play Norman Osborn
Described as an actor who reconfigured “the concept of classic movie stardom”: Denzel Washington.

Norman Osborn has recently developed into so much more in Marvel Comics, even while being best known as a Spider-Man antagonist. Osborn, a vicious and clever entrepreneur, has the potential to play a major role in the MCU. Previous MCU movies have even indicated a mystery billionaire behind the scenes maneuvering for dominance. Denzel Washington has the gravity and insight to play such a role. His roles as a fearsome villain in “Training Day” and a cutthroat and shrewd businessman in “American Gangster” demonstrate that he can play both. He’d be fantastic in a Marvel Comics rendition of the “Dark Reign” narrative.

3. Bryan Cranston has confessed the desire to play a Marvel villain

The perfect fit to play Norman Osborn in MCU
Best-known for portraying Walter White in ‘Breaking Bad’ and Hal in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.

Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame is always popular, both among Hollywood casting agents and fans who want to see him in just about any character. It’s a natural argument, then, that he’d be fantastic as arch-villain Norman Osborn. Perhaps what has piqued fans’ interest in this casting is that Cranston has already stated his hope of playing a Marvel villain, albeit with some qualifications. “You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to do some big superhero villain in some Marvel classic,” stated Cranston in 2015.

4. Jason Isaacs can draw from his past villainous experiences

One of the best actors to play Norman Osborn
English actor known for his performances of imperious screen villains: Jason Isaacs.

From Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series to Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot, Isaacs has remained a popular favorite to play Green Goblin, and with a valid cause: he thrives at playing appealing yet viciously cruel villains. Those characteristics would make for an interesting and multifaceted enemy in the MCU. Isaacs is also no rookie to superhero movies, at least the animated ones. He portrayed Sinestro in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Superman in Superman: Red Son.

5. Tom Hanks can take a break from playing the good boy

Best fit for playing Norman Osborn
One of the most popular and recognizable film stars worldwide: Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks is known for always portraying the nice guy, and he exudes elegance in all of his performances. Because of Hanks’ proven record, playing the Green Goblin would be shocking but pleasing to most spectators. Tom Hanks is a fantastic actor who, despite the fact that he’d require a few body doubles, would bring the part to life. Furthermore, the announcement would draw a lot of publicity to any Spider-Man film he was in, as well as a lot of acclaim.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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