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Actors Who Should Portray Doctor Doom In The MCU

Doctor Doom is a beloved comic book character who, when he joins the MCU, will be given the treatment he deserves. Though little is known about when he would return to the big screen, many fans expect him to appear in the Fantastic Four revival next year.
Marvel has yet to name any of the film’s cast members, prompting many fans to take to social media to voice their own thoughts on who should play the famous characters, including the malevolent Doom.

Cillian Murphy

Doctor Doom

Cillian Murphy’s work includes Dunkirk, 28 Days Later, and A Quiet Place Part II, all of which demonstrate his artistic versatility. He’s also no stranger to playing comic book villains, thanks to his long working connection with filmmaker Christopher Nolan, who cast him as Batman foe Scarecrow in all three Dark Knight trilogy films. Murphy would undoubtedly make an excellent Doctor Doom, causing fans to wonder if he will be the next man to take up the mantle.

Adam Driver

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom may be played by Adam Driver, who is a wonderful fit for the role. Driver’s physicality as a former military man lends itself to a more physically imposing version of the character. He has a history of playing unstable megalomaniacs, as evidenced by his fan-favourite role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars saga.

Viggo Mortensen

Doctor Doom

Mortensen has the acting chops to play Victor von Doom, thanks to his role as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings films, for which he won several honours. The actor also has a regal air about him, which would be ideal for playing the ruler of an Eastern European country, as Doom does in the comics.

Javier Bardem

Doctor Doom

Bardem is no stranger to playing obnoxious villains, and his performance in Skyfall cemented his reputation as one of cinema’s greatest villains. And, as the fans points out, he is European, which is also true of the comic book character he is expected to play.

Luke Evans

Doctor Doom

Luke Evans could be an excellent pick, particularly if Doom gets his Disney+ spinoff. The actor has previously played the bad guy before, most notably in the live-action rendition of Beauty and the Beast, where he played the wicked Gaston. This role could help him prepare for Doctor Doom, who is far eviler.

Jamie Bell

Doctor Doom

Bell is an accomplished actor who isn’t unfamiliar with the world of superhero movies. Bell portrayed Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the Thing, in the 2015 remake Fant4stic, thus this would not be his first Fantastic Four picture. Playing the villain in this film may be a piece of meta-humour for Marvel Studios, as well as a redemption part for Bell.

Colman Domingo

Domingo is arguably best known for his portrayal as the too-intelligent-for-his-own-good Victor Strand on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, in which he demonstrates just how nasty a character he can play. Domingo would be fantastic in the more dark aspects of Doom.

Werner Herzog


In contrast to his usually more distinguished films, Herzog has demonstrated his willingness to commit to more popular media ventures, such as The Mandalorian. And, as the fans point out, he possesses all of the characteristics that would be found in the ideal Doctor Doom adaption.