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Actors Who Were Absolutely Disgusted By Their Superhero Costumes

Actors Who Were Absolutely Disgusted By Their Superhero Costumes1

For a long time, superhero films have entertained us by offering us larger-than-life protagonists who overcome unimaginable circumstances to save the day. Costumes play an important role in bringing such movie characters to life. Actors, on the other hand, might take a toll on their bodies by wearing cumbersome superhero outfits or complex creature prosthetics for hours on end. Here are examples of some performers who were disgusted by their superhero costumes:

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Jawrence in superhero costume
Playing the blue-skinned shapeshifter in X-Men: Jennifer Lawrence.

Four X-Men movies have seen Jennifer Lawrence as the blue-skinned shapeshifter. But it wasn’t as simple as donning a cloak or cowl like other superhero costumes. Covering her body in paint and prosthetics required six hours. In addition, the garment was somewhat constrictive. Because she couldn’t sit down, Lawrence learned that using the restroom while dressed as Mystique was a major hassle. She had to use a little funnel to answer nature’s call while standing up. Due to this being an imperfect solution, the costume gained a ‘unique odor’ over time.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield ij his Spiderman Superhero Costume
From the sets of The Amazing Spiderman 2: Andrew Garfield.

Portraying the role of Peter Parker in a few Spider-Man movies, Andrew Garfield offered us a distinct perspective on his romance with Gwen Stacy. What Garfield didn’t want us to see was his connection with the superhero costumes, which he found to be both inconvenient and unappealing. He talked about it when he originally started shooting the first movie in downtown L.A. in an interview with The Ellen Degeneres Show. He had the impression that he was being photographed in the costume. Garfield bemoaned, “I knew there were paparazzi taking terrible unflattering shots of my, you know, everything”.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck in Batman superhero costume
Donning the Batman costume – Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck has revealed that the Batsuit he donned in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not his favorite. While many fans would enjoy sporting the cape and cowl, Affleck described the superhero costumes as “the most humiliating, ridiculous thing in the world.” This is due to the fact that the Batsuit was actually a motion capture suit that enabled a broader range of motion. He even coined the phrase “visual effects pajamas” to describe it. Perhaps he found it humiliating to wear the costume since it didn’t make him feel as formidable as Batman.


Rory McCann

Rory McCann as The Hound from Game of Thrones
Playing The Mountain’s brother on Game of Thrones – The Hound.

Well he is not exactly a superhero but he does look like one. The Hound is unquestionably one of Game of Thrones‘ most iconic characters. Rory McCann’s gruff, hard-edged fan favorite persona has a face covered in hideous burn scars. And McCann despised the fact that he had to wear them every day. “I was always the first in just with this prosthetic on my face. Every day. I will not miss that.” the actor recalled in an interview. During shooting, he also had to keep half of his beard shaven. “And then you go back home and people go… ‘Well, it looks ridiculously big man.”

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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