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10 Actors Whose Career Died After One Successful Movie

The film industry is one of the most uncertain places to build a career. One day you are the most demanded star and the next day your entire existence is wiped off the chart. Hollywood has seen many deserving talents rise and fall overnight. These actors managed to nail their names in the history of movies with one great role but surprisingly failed to get an opportunity after that. One hit film is supposed to take your career upwards, which was not the case with the following celebs. Find out the 10 actors whose career died after one successful movie.

Lindsay Lohan- Mean Girls

Lindsay was basking under the Hollywood glory since she was a kid. But it was her teen days in the early ‘00s that turned her into a young and dramatic diva. After the success of “Mean Girls”, Lohan was deemed one of the most promising young artists. It’s no mystery what happened from then onwards that crushed her career. Struck with fame, Lindsay ended up indulging a bit too much in her wild child phase.

Rosamund Pike- Gone Girl

It would be a big loss for Hollywood if a brilliant actress like Rosamund Pike isn’t utilized well. She was always a well-known actress in the industry, but it wasn’t until her performance in “Gone Girl” that stormed the world. Since then, Rosamund has starred in several movies, but none could deliver her the fruits that she deserved. Fans have still not given up on her and are waiting for a good script to land on her lap.

Kate Hudson- Almost Famous

Kate became a critically acclaimed star overnight after her performance in “Almost Famous” left everyone jaw-dropped. It earned her Golden Globe Award and a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. But to everyone’s shock, Kate fell victim to bad script choices and gradually disappeared with every flop movie.

Orlando Bloom- Lord of the Rings

Orlando seemed to be destined for fame and growth after the  “Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise made history. He had charmed both the viewers and critics with his performance and good looks. But things shockingly started to go downhill right after “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” broke box office records.

Mickey Rourke– Iron Man 2

Mickey Rourke has seen many ups and downs in his acting career despite his strong potentials. One of the reasons could be boxing which encouraged him to take a break from movies. Injuries endured from the boxing matches and his reputation as a difficult actor to work with made his Hollywood road quite bumpy. He did get a second chance in Iron Man 2 as Whiplash but landing a big franchise like MCU didn’t help him either.

Val Kilmer in Batman Forever

The 1980s had introduced Val Kilmer as one of the rising stars with the capacity to become a titan of Hollywood someday. Everyone’s beliefs were further supported by his casting in “Batman Forever” as Batman. Playing a renowned DC superhero meant big for the “Top Gun” actor. But his career began to dwindle after he refused to return for its sequel.

Billy Zane- Titanic

The iconic “Titanic” was not only a spectacular hit but it had also produced many talented stars- Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Billy Zane. While Leonardo and Kate were successful in building upon that success with more hit films and Oscar nominations, Zane’s career saw a decline since the movie. Maybe it was a case of poor choice as none of his future films caught our attention.

Cuba Gooding Jr. – Jerry Maguire

Who would have thought that a highly skilled actor like Cuba Gooding Jr. would struggle after winning the Oscar Award for “Jerry Maguire”? It’s still unbelievable that someone with so much flair was wiped off the face of Hollywood despite impressing the critics and audience.

Eva Green- Casino Royale

Starring as the Bond girl is one of the biggest breaks that any new actor would kill to have. In 2006, it was Eva Green to crack the coveted role in “Casino Royale”. But unlike what everyone had expected, her career plummeted since then due to poor movie choices. She did try to kickstart her journey with Hollywood by accepting some promising offers, but sadly they didn’t work out for her.

Brandon Routh- Superman Returns

Sometimes, an actor’s talents catch the viewers’ attention despite the poor performance of the film. This was the case with Brandon Routh who had won the audience with his acting chops in “Superman Returns” but couldn’t convince them as Superman. Later, Warner Bros. nixing the sequel to play safe became the exit ticket for Brandon. Fortunately, he has been able to bring things back on track with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.