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Actors Whose Hollywood Career Was Affected By Playing Villains

Working hard on a role can be a blessing or a curse. It happened with several talented actors in Hollywood whose careers were affected after playing one villainous role. The industry turned them into typecasts and stopped offering them roles outside their box. Projecting a popular, spine-chilling or psychotic villain became the real evil of their lives. Let’s find out who they are.

Tim Curry- Pennywise

No matter how many iterations of the creepy clown from “It” we get, fans will always hold Tim Curry at the pedestal. He set a new bar with his horrifying clown and went on to land only negative roles from then onwards.

Robert Patrick – T-1000 

Luck seemed to be on Robert Patrick’s side when he impressed James Cameron as the only candidate suitable for T-1000. The actor shot to international fame after playing the nefarious cyborg who was determined to kill John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Jason Isaacs – Lucius Malfoy

Jason is widely recognized as the calculative and stone-cold Lucious Malfoy from the Harry Potter universe. But the actor has portrayed more villainous roles than most of us know. In fact, if one digs into his profile, they will only find evil characters, such as Dr. Heinrich Volmer in A Cure for Wellness, “Hap” Percy in The OA, etc. From what we can assume, it seems like he’ll appear in more antagonistic roles in the coming future.

Anthony Perkins- Norman Bates

No matter what time of the day it is or how brave you are, one look at Anthony Perkins’ psychotic stare will ruin your good night’s sleep. But Perkins was getting decent roles as a romantic hero before Alfred Hitchcock labelled him as the most iconic villain. Since then, even his good looks couldn’t save him from getting creepy and evil roles.

Mark Strong- Sinestro

Regardless of how the movie performed, Hollywood found its ideal villain in Mark Strong. His heavy voice and chilling stare as Sinestro earned more iconic evil roles. From Lord Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes to Harry Starks in The Long Firm, and Doctor Sivana in Shazam!, Mark has become the ultimate criminal and gangster of the cinemas.

Terence Stamp – General Zod 

Landing the coveted role of General Zodd in Superman can be a celebratory moment for many actors. Stamp’s performance and icy-cold expressions made him a memorable villain in the superhero genre. However, the actor has admitted to being typecast since the franchise.

Rutger Hauer- Roy Batty

Rutger has had a wide array of characters to play from romcom to drama and action. But fighting Harrison Ford in Blade Runner and the replicant Roy Batty catapulted his career to a zone of stereotyped villains. He got to undergo both the pros and cons of the classic antagonist. Since then, no one could help but see him as the bad guy.

Charles Dance – Tywin Lannister

The piercing look from Charles Dance warns that you mustn’t mess with him. Most of the fans know him as the cold and heartless Tywin Lannister, Jamie, Cersei, and Tyrion’s father from Game of Thrones. But Charles has mostly been offered and excelled in diabolical roles throughout his career.

Written by Ipshita Barua