Adam Brody Says ‘The OC’ Couldn’t Be Made Today

Adam Brody, star of The OC, explains why he believes the programme would fail in today’s world. The OC was a teen drama developed by Josh Schwartz that aired on Fox from 2003 to 2007. The series was set in Orange County, California, and followed Ryan Atwood, a troubled youngster from a shattered home who was subsequently adopted by Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. Ryan is friends with the couple’s son Seth after moving into the couple’s lavish house. He has affections for Marissa Cooper as well.

The OC
The OC

The show was a tremendous hit with critics and viewers alike. The youthful ensemble, especially Rachel Bilson, became international celebrities as a result of the film. But will this be the ideal moment for a reinvention of the iconic drama?

Brody’s Thoughts 

The OC
The OC Cover

Brody was asked about the plausibility of a revival on the Welcome to the OC podcast, which is hosted by his former co-stars Bilson and Melinda Clarke. Brody said that he didn’t think the series would work as well today as it did in the early 2000s. He pointed out that, while the show tried to portray itself as a condemnation of riches and opulence on occasion, it was ultimately a celebration. Given the heightened knowledge of financial inequality and other societal issues, Brody believes The OC’s core subject may not resonate with audiences today. The following is a quote from him.

“I don’t think it can be done. Because I feel like, socially, I think we’re in a different place. And I think we’re in a more conscious place. I feel like The OC, while it claims to be, in a similar sense of Gossip Girl, while it would sort of say it’s a critique—it’s not. It’s a celebration, it’s a celebration of affluence, in my opinion, you know, and obviously, like, in the heart of it, there’s people who are lovely, it’s a family, you know, is at the heart of it, too. You know, there’s people who love each other and care for each other and sacrifice for each other. So, it’s not a pure celebration of money. It’s a celebration of, you know, love and romance and being in high school. It’s not just that. But I guess my point is like, for me, in a post-Donald Trump America to go ‘let’s go back to Orange County!’ I feel like you have to have a real reckoning, politically and socially. And is that what people want to see with the show? I don’t know.”

Brody, who will next be seen in Shazam! Fury of the Gods as adult Freddy Freeman is also correct in mentioning Gossip Girl. The first series, which starred Brody’s wife, actress Leighton Meester, didn’t spend much time questioning the protagonists’ riches and privilege. In contrast, the relaunch of Gossip Girl feels obligated to make half-baked references to class inequality and other important concerns such as police brutality. As a result, the reboot falls short of being both intelligent and bubbly enough to qualify as escapism. Instead, as both critics and viewers have noticed, the new Gossip Girl is simply not entertaining. Any reboot of The OC is going to be a flop.

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Written by Prachee Mishra