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Adam Driver’s Ferrari Biopic “Looks Like a James Bond Movie”: “He’s done an amazing job”

Adam Driver's Ferrari Biopic "Looks Like a James Bond Movie": "He's done an amazing job"

Nowadays, many directors are exploring various genres and making unique films. Apart from the genres that already exist, these days makers are more into automobile storylines. It’s not the first time, a maker is trying out car films as such films have been made in the past as well.

Big automotive houses like Lamborghini and Ferrari have got several films previously. But this time, Micheal Mann the director of some of the finest works in the industry is coming up with a solely dedicated Ferrari movie. The film is a biopic of the automotive legend Enzo Ferrari who started this fascinating car brand. Micheal Mann will be returning after almost eight years with this movie.

Adam Driver’s Ferrari Car Scenes Will Look Straight Out Of James Bond Movie

Adam Driver in Ferrari
Adam Driver in Ferrari

Well, everyone knows that the 007 movies have some of the best car chase scenes. The level of cinematography in those films remains unmatched. But looks like Michael Mann’s Ferrari will be no less than James Bond. As its director has confirmed promising car sequences in the film. The lead actor who will play the role of Enzo Ferrari will be Adam Driver.

The film will be based on the book written by Brock Yates named Enzo Ferrari- The Man and The Machine. Recently, a news outlet named sat down with the producer of the film Andrea Lervolino. The Italian film producer praised the actor’s performance and gave some details about the car scenes.

“Adam Driver plays Enzo and he’s done an amazing job along with Penelope Cruz who plays Laura [Ferrari]. The way the movie has been shot is amazing. It takes place in the Sixties and Seventies, and when you see the car racing and the way it’s been shot, it looks like a James Bond movie.”

Every Ferrari fan will eagerly be waiting for this action-packed story of Enzo Ferrari and his Italian car company.

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Everything You Need to Know About Ferrari (2023)

Adam Driver In Ferrari
Adam Driver In Ferrari

The plot will be based on the automotive tycoon Enzo Ferrari and how he brought up the idea of the game-changing Italian sports car. The logline of the film is mentioned below.

“the life of Italian driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari in 1957 as he deals with family problems while also preparing for the 1957 Mille Miglia.”

Apart from Adam Driver taking the lead role as mentioned above, the other cast member also includes some of the best actors in the industry. Like Penélope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey, Jack O’Connell, Gabriel Leone, Sarah Gadon, Valentina Bellè, Lino Musella, Andrea Dolente, and others.

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Adam Driver
Adam Driver

It was also known that the House of Gucci actor wasn’t the first choice for the movie. Previously, the lead role was going to be played by Marvel actor Hugh Jackman. He left the film because of the delays in shooting, that’s the reason Driver stepped in to take on the role.

Ferrari will be hitting the theatres, this year. The release date is not confirmed as of now.

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