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Adam Sandler Blamed Brendan Fraser for Setting Impossibly High Male Beauty Standards in George of the Jungle: “You weren’t supposed to do that to us”

adam sandler brendon fraser geogrge of the jungle

The duo from the 1994 musical comedy Airheads reunites again, as Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler take part in the first interview of Variety’s actor-on-actor series while leaving some amusing and entertaining moments for fans to relish.

The actors, Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser shared their stories and reflected on Fraser’s once-in-a-lifetime performance in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, while the Grown Ups actor jokingly accuses Fraser of setting the male beauty standards too high which left him feeling bad about his appearance.

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Brendan Fraser in George of the jungle
Brendan Fraser in George of the jungle

Adam Sandler reveals how he felt inferior to Brendan Fraser’s physique

The absorbing duo of Adam Sandler and Brendon Fraser who starred together in the 1994 Airheads movie, reunited in a Variety interview and Adam Sandler reveals how inferior he felt due to the majestic physique that Brendan Fraser pulled off for his role in George of the Jungle.

Brendan Fraser played the handsome and macho character in George of the Jungle and Adam Sandler jokingly recalls how bad he felt about himself in comparison with the amazing physique that Fraser equipped for the role and how ripped he became after their movie together in 1994. The actor then jokingly said,

“I was disappointed in how good you looked in that. You weren’t supposed to do that to us, You were supposed to remain like us. You did right by the character. But you did wrong by us, man. You made us feel bad about ourselves,”

Brendan Fraser responded to the humorous claims made by Adam Sandler and recalled his exhausting schedule for achieving that majestic look. He remembered how he was starved of carbohydrates and recalls the memory of driving somewhere to eat after work but then forgetting his ATM pin because of his brain was misfiring after the exhausting day.

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Brendon Fraser and Adam Sandler
Brendan Fraser and Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser talk about his performance in The Whale

During their interview, Adam Sandler reflects on Brandan Fraser’s performance in his new movie and admired the actor for his role as he revealed how broken he felt while watching the movie and Brendan Fraser’s acting made him cry his heart out. Upon asking about the actor’s big return in the industry, Brendon Fraser denied the claim of him returning as from his viewpoint he never considered himself gone as he always kept on working. He further expressed this to Adam Sandler by stating,

“I’ve always kept working, busy doing something. I would lose my mind if I wasn’t working. There’s so much content in the world, a lot of that can slip off the radar,” 

The Mummy actor also revealed how empowered he felt on raising this important issue that many people suffer daily and put on the most authentic portrayal for the role, while also discussing how the prosthetics and suits used for his 600-pound body in the movie are distinct from old fat suits in the industry which were mostly used for a cheap joke.

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Brandan Fraser in The Whale
Brendan Fraser in The Whale

The actors shared a great time in the 30-minute-long interview, as they reunited after almost 30 years from their roles together in Airheads and it seems Brendan Fraser’s performance in The Whale also managed to leave the Hustle actor in complete awe.

The Whale is now playing in theatres.

Source: Variety

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