Marvel Fans Adamant We Were Getting A Blade Game, Ubisoft Dash Fans Hopes In One Tweet

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In a whirlwind twenty-four hours, Marvel fans have gone from being convinced we were going to be getting a Blade game, to being disappointed after Ubisoft has come out and dismissed the rumors. Some fans are thankful, due to Ubisoft’s cookie-cutter-like development of their open-world games, others are disappointed, as the promise of running around as the Daywalker slicing and dicing vampires was always fun possibility.


Marvel Games Left, Right, and Centre

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There seems to be an almost constant rumor surrounding multiple new Marvel games in development. The blade is just the latest. We recently learned that Black Panther is in development over at EA, although that’s as far as the details go, with nothing else known yet. It joins the long list of games currently being developed, with Insomniac Games developing both Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine, due for release next year and 2024 respectively.


More is known about the Spider-Man sequel, which follows the frankly amazing Spider-Man, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. With a short teaser trailer released earlier this year, we know the villain, or one of at least, is Venom. What’s interesting about that is the fact that at the end of the first Spider-Man game from Insomniac, it was heavily hinted that the once thought dead Harry Osborne was actually being kept alive in some sort of chamber by his father, surrounded by black tendrils, a la Venom.


Pretty much nothing is known about Wolverine, other than the fact we’ll be playing as the incredibly angry and short superhero. When it’s set, who the villains are and whether or not it’s connected in an extended universe to Spider-Man is yet to be seen.


With the incredibly poor reactions to The Avengers, and the fantastic reviews and reactions to Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel games have been a mixed bag recently, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the upcoming releases.

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First There Was Blade, And Then There Wasn’t

The rumors started yesterday after two motion capture actors shared some interesting shots of them working behind the scenes on a set, wearing mo-caps suits and brandishing katanas. The more eagle-eyed fans noticed that on the clacker, both Marvel and the director of the upcoming Blade movie B. Fariq was name-dropped.


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marvel games
Actors E. Gaffney and Alex Martin

Fans went into a frenzy assuming that the actors had dropped the ball and accidentally announced a new Blade game was in development. Whilst it would make sense with the upcoming Blade film due for release next year, it would be a surprise as the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t had a direct video game tie-in since way back in phase one, and they weren’t exactly AAA games either.


For now, it seems that it was the two actors simply playing with the fans, or maybe it’s all true and Ubisoft is trying to maintain some sort of damage control for a game announced far earlier than they’d look. Either way, if there is a game in development and Ubisoft is lying, we’ll be waiting a while to find out, and if there isn’t a game in development, then fans will be left wanting and wondering what could have been.



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