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Adult Jokes in Kid’s Cartoons We Wish We Never Knew At All

Saturday mornings used to be the nicest part of the week, right? Sitting in front of the television to watch hours of back-to-back cartoons, laughing heartily at completely clean comedy from shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls. But not everything was as clean it seemed. Our pure youthful minds merely skimmed over the lewd one-liners and crude adult jokes in kid’s cartoons.

Sure, cartoons are for children, but they are created by grownups. Such grownups who are aware that parents make up a significant portion of their audience. As a result, many animators hide sexual innuendos, drugs humor, dirty one-liners, and other adult jokes in kid’s cartoons. The gags are supposed to fly over kids’ heads and dive straight into the ears of older viewers. Sometimes they’re subtle, sometimes they’re not; however, there are a lot more of them than what you may assume. Here are 5 instances of adult jokes in kid’s cartoons we wish we never knew at all:

1. The sexual innuendo in Powerpuff Girls

One of the Adult Jokes in Kid's cartoons
The mayor in Powerpuff girls licking his kitty cat.

If you are a late 90’s or early 2000’s kid, The Powerpuff Girls was probably one of your favorite shows. This is such an apparent inside joke for adult Powerpuff Girls fans that it’s astounding more parents didn’t notice and object at the time. Yes, we’re referring to the infamous episode “Cat Man Do,” in which the Mayor and his pet cat are featured. The Mayor, who relies on the Girls to keep his town safe from crooks, can be seen licking his cat. Consider another name for a cat, and you’ll get a sense of how dirty this program used to be! Anyone who has ever heard feline euphemisms will understand what’s going on here. Fortunately, for the majority of children, a cat is simply a cat.

2. Daffy Duck reading the Play Duck magazine in Looney Tunes

One of the Adult Jokes in Kid's cartoons
Of course, Daffy reads the Play Duck for its articles.

We can observe how even the most conservative decades of TV included some adult jokes in kid’s cartoons with this example. You might be surprised to discover that adult magazines are a type of sexual entertainment that frequently appears in children’s shows. This also applies to the Looney Tunes universe. We see Bugs and Daffy on a flight in one clip of the cartoon series, where Bugs reveals Daffy had been reading Play Duck magazine, a spoof of Playboy magazine that displays almost or fully nude women posing for shots. The scene insinuated that female ducks posed similarly in their universe.

3. The STD joke in SpongeBob Squarepants

One of the Adult Jokes in Kid's cartoons
‘Sorry about the Scabies’ cake that SpongeBob brings for Patrick.

SpongeBob is a highly sought-after sponge, as evidenced by the episode “Overbooked,” in which he strives to honor all of his promises to his friends. SpongeBob comes by a bakery to get a cake for Patrick’s birthday while rushing about during the episode. However, it turns out that the bakery’s only available cake is a one with purple icing that reads “Sorry about the Scabies.” This one would definitely make most adults squirm because most youngsters have no concept of what Scabies is (it’s an STD). The joke was inspired by writer Casey Alexander’s childhood encounters with the skin-eating parasites.

4. The ‘fastest man’ joke on Flash in the Justice League cartoon




One of the adult jokes in Kid's cartoons.
The insinuative ‘fastest man’ joke on the speedster Flash.
There are numerous adult jokes about The Flash being “super fast,” meaning that he is able to react fast in all areas of his life. Also, when told to The Flash himself, such quips are even more amusing. In the Justice League episode “Injustice For All,” Hawkgirl throws some wicked sass at the speedster, and it’s hilarious. The Justice League reassembles at the Watchtower after putting out a fire to find out what Lex Luthor is trying to do next. The Flash boasts to Hawkgirl about how quickly he extinguished the fires, claiming to be the “fastest man alive.” Hearing this, Hawkgirl responds sharply, “which might explain why you can’t get a date”. Greatest Burn Ever!

5. The not-so-subtle adult joke in Dexter’s Laboratory

One of the adult jokes in Kid's cartoons.
The one where Dexter replaces his sister with an adult dancer.
In order to fill the vacuum left by Dee Dee’s departure in one episode, Dexter decides to host auditions for his sister’s replacement. Dexter comes finds Candi after sifting through a slew of hopefuls and is immediately enamored with her. He urges her to recite Dee Dee’s favorite line, “What does this button do?”, but instead with a lot of “passion.” Candi takes a hint and kneels in front of him, runs her fingers over his hair while romantic music plays in the background, and mouths the sentence in a very sexy manner. Dexter takes a little break, and when he returns, he is drenched. Later, when Dexter invites her to dance for him, Candi says “50 bucks extra”.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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