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After $1.9 Billion Success With Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel Star Tom Holland’s Next Solo Movie Will be “Unexpectedly Dark” Because of Kraven the Hunter

After $1.9 Billion Success With Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel Star Tom Holland's Next Solo Movie Will be "Unexpectedly Dark" Because of Kraven the Hunter

Following Sony’s upcoming slate for their live-action cinematic universe, Kevin the Hunter is easily one of the most anticipated ones. Despite being one of Spider-Man’s biggest foes, the character hasn’t got the deserved attention in the medium of live-action and fans are excited for the character to finally make his debut in movies.

However, it seems that this movie will be vastly different from Sony’s previous releases, involving the two Venom films and Morbius, which weren’t that well received. According to Russell Crowe, the upcoming movie is not going to hold back from showcasing the darker elements of Kraven’s story.

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Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe

Kraven the Hunter will be unexpectedly dark according to Russell Crowe

While speaking with the Comic Book Resources, the Gladiator star explained that the Aaron Taylor-Johnson-led movie is going to be darker than any of the previous films in Sony’s Cinematic Universe. Russell Crowe clarified that even though he still hasn’t seen the movie and is set to go through another round of filming. The actor shared that the director of the movie, J.C. Chandor told him that Kraven the Hunter will be set in an unexpectedly dark world. He said,

“I’ve talked to J.C. Chandor, the director. He’s really excited about what he’s got in front of him and really excited about the way people will receive it. I think I can sort of pass on that one of the things he said that it’s just an unexpectedly dark world.”

Although the possibility of witnessing Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter going up against Spider-Man is a distant thought, however, the Bullet Train actor hasn’t brushed off the possibility. However, it isn’t the only time that the debate surrounding the two characters facing each other has popped up. As Tom Holland once revealed that he was supposed to go against Kevin the Hunter in the threequel.

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Kraven the Hunter
Kraven the Hunter

Tom Holland almost fought Kraven the Hunter in the MCU

Despite the underwhelming phase four, MCU didn’t fail to deliver in terms of Spider-Man and broke the internet with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, the epic multiverse story wasn’t the initial idea for the threequel, as Tom Holland once revealed that after Spider-Man: Far From Home, the initial idea was to have a story centered around Kraven. Holland expressed the whole situation by stating,

“For a long time, there was going to be a Kraven movie that was going to be the third movie because things weren’t working out and all sorts of different stuff. Jon Watts (director of No Way Home) pitched me this Kraven movie, which actually was really cool.”

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Tom Holland's Spider-Man
Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

However, the idea of Holland’s Spider-Man going up against Kraven the Hunter was eventually scrapped. But following Taylor-Johnson’s comments regarding the situation, fans will be hopeful about witnessing the two characters going up against each other in live-action soon.

Kraven the Hunter is set to release on 6 October 2023.

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