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After 9 Glorious Years, Grant Gustin’s Run as The Flash Comes to an End as Final Season 9 Wraps Filming

After 9 Glorious Years, Grant Gustin's Run as The Flash Comes to an End as Final Season 9 Wraps Filming

After running for almost a decade and suffering through several speed breakers on his way, Grant Gustin’s scarlet speedster has finally stopped running as the filming for the final season has officially wrapped up. And with the longest-running Arrowverse show slowly inching towards its end, fans and crew members are overwhelmed by the occasion.

With the crew finished filming the final episode of The Flash and the Arrowverse saga, Twitter has erupted in emotions. And many fans have been showering the cast members and Grant Gustin with appreciation and love for entertaining the fans for almost a decade.

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CW's The Flash
CW’s The Flash

The final episode of CW’s The Flash finally wrapped up filming

With one of the most beloved shows in the Arrowverse Saga coming to its end, emotions are running high as the final episode of the CW show has wrapped up filming. And following the update, several cast members, including Brandon McKnight and Candice Patton, have expressed their feelings about the situation, with the Iris West actress sharing an Instagram story stating, “about to shoot my last shot of the flash. there are no words”.

The Flash star Grant Gustin also expressed his emotions on the show finally moving forward to its end. The actor previously shared a heartfelt message regarding the final season and expressed that he is ready to move forward from the show. He said,

“I’m ready for it to be over. And that’s not for any negative reason. It’s like when you’re getting ready to finish high school and granted I don’t know what college I’m going to after this, I might not get into college but you’re excited to wrap up and move on to the next phase of your life.”

And with the ninth season slowly inching to its conclusion, fans have been overwhelmed by emotions and despite the show’s degrading quality over the last few years, fans have expressed their gratitude to the whole crew.

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Iris West and Barry Allen
Iris West and Barry Allen

Fans are overwhelmed with Grant Gustin’s run as the Flash inches toward its end

Even though fans were fatigued by the show stretching itself for years and kind of lost its essence after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, it’s still a hard pill to swallow that the CW show is finally ending. And with the completion of the filming of its final episode, fans are now emotionally charged as Grant Gustin is set to leave the role of the scarlet speedster behind.

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Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen

And even though it is hard for fans to accept the fan-favorite Gustin’s departure from the iconic role, fans are satisfied that the Arrowverse can finally rest with The Flash, as the universe was long past its prime. And with the DC universe on its way to reboot with the upcoming The Flash, fans will hope that Gustin’s Flash gets a cameo in the movie.

The final episode of The Flash will air on May 10, 2023, on the CW.

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