“After about the 28th time you do a joke, sometimes it’s not as funny”: Kevin Feige Breaks Silence on Ryan Reynolds Making Fun of Him and Disney Over 1 Restriction in Deadpool 3

Kevin Feige commented on Ryan Reynolds' cocaine joke and how he did not have any kind of restrictions.

Kevin Feige, Ryan Reynolds
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  • The trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine featured a hilarious joke about Kevin Feige putting a limit on cocaine jokes.
  • Feige recently talked about the joke stating that he did not actually put a restriction on drug jokes.
  • However, Reynolds managed to put a fun spin on the whole thing and made it into a brilliant joke in the film.
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After a string of disappointing projects, Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy are bringing Deadpool & Wolverine to MCU fans. The film promises to bring back the glory days of the franchise and the duo have also been very positive about the film. As the film nears its release date, many details about its making have come out from interviews with the cast, filmmakers, and studio heads.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine | Marvel Studios
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine | Marvel Studios

The film’s trailers have featured jokes about Disney, the MCU, and even Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige. Fans have also criticized recent Marvel projects for Disney-fying everything. Feige has now addressed the jokes aimed at him in Deadpool & Wolverine and how Reynolds is an absolute genius.

Ryan Reynolds Found A Way To Incorporate The Cocaine Joke Which Kevin Feige Discarded

Ryan Reynolds put in a great Kevin Feige joke in Deadpool & Wolverine | Marvel Studios
Ryan Reynolds put in a great Kevin Feige-cocaine joke in Deadpool & Wolverine | Marvel Studios

With Deadpool & Wolverine being in the MCU, fans were initially concerned that the film might be Disney-fied and would lose its integrity. However, the trailers proved that it would have the same tone as the previous Deadpool films and feature several puns and jokes aimed at Disney and the MCU.


Additionally, the trailer of the film featured a great joke about Kevin Feige and how cocaine was the only thing that was off-limits. In a new interview with Variety, Feige has now addressed the hilarious input made by Reynolds and the criticism about Disney-fying Marvel projects. The Marvel Studios head revealed that he did not put any restrictions on cocaine as Deadpool states in the trailer.

While Disney has been entertaining people for more than 100 years, Feige believed that some things need to be evolved. When he heard that drug jokes were being considered for the film, he discarded it feeling that it was not funny. However, Reynolds did not forget that and found a clever way to make a joke out of it in the film. Feige said,

“I didn’t say [that cocaine is the one thing that’s off-limits]. But we were talking about everybody always being afraid of Disney-fying things. This is the biggest entertainment company in the world for 100 years. You should be so lucky to Disney-fy everything! 

After about the 28th time you do a joke, sometimes it’s not as funny. Maybe I’m slightly prudish when it comes to drug use. But I was like ‘Eh, it’s not that funny’ in passing. Ryan [Reynolds], of course, stores everything in his brain for later use as excellent jokes. And he added it to the script.

Reynolds is a creative genius and as Feige says, listens and observes the happenings around him. With Deadpool always satirizing pop culture and the industry, the actor knows how to bring out the best in what people know about the entertainment industry and put a fun spin on it through his jokes.


Deadpool & Wolverine Cast Plays Coy On Future Appearances in Avengers Films

Deadpool & Wolverine may tease future appearances of it two characters in future MCU films | Marvel Studios
Deadpool & Wolverine may tease future appearances of its two characters in future MCU films | Marvel Studios

Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are back playing their iconic Marvel characters in the film. The film is expected to lay some groundwork for future films in the MCU and fans believe the two stars will return for more films. Variety asked them directly about whether they would be appearing in the upcoming Avengers films.

Reynolds and Jackman played coy with the former stating that it remains to be seen. Jackman hilariously pointed out how it was their first major interview and he does not know how to answer that particular question. They said,

I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah. Clearly, this is our first major interview of this press tour. I’m not sure how to answer. ‘An echoing cough in the distance; a hawk circles.’ You can throw that in there if you like.

The cast is certainly never going to answer that question and, weirdly, the media keeps hounding them with it again and again. The film will hopefully provide some answers about their potential future in the MCU. All will be known when Deadpool & Wolverine hits theatres on July 26, 2024. 


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