After Amber Heard Disastrous Trial, Fans Wonder ‘What in God’s Name Was She Writing All This Time?’

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It’s almost a month of ongoing testimonies, and the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial is finally put to confirm its outcome. Recent reports convey that neither of the actors will be attending Fairfax County Court in Virginia when the judgment is handed down.

Amber Heard talks about social media mockery
Amber Heard talks about social media mockery

But have you guys noticed Heard is continuously writing and taking notes during the ongoing case? Many people have found what she exactly writes.

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Netizens Troll Her Wondering What Amber Heard Writes on Her Pad During Johnny Depp Defamation Trial?

Fans trolling Heard on the basis of what she writes in court
Fans trolling Heard based on what she writes in court

As most people know, her lawyers also named her a ‘narcissist’ for eating candy and giggling inside the courtroom. Over the past few days, everyone could see that Amber Heard was continuously writing something on her pad as witnesses gave their testimony.

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People must be wondering whether she had clues for his lawyers for cross-examination or his further statements. But she was also writing something during the closing discussion. Johnny Depp fans have decided to solve the mystery of this suspicious scene, and many videos of it are now going viral on Twitter.


The video was further captioned:

“Welp, that explains all the note-taking. Imaginary is just like abuse. #TeamJohnnyDepp.”

Man Johnny Depp fans are now trolling Amber saying:


“Amber you should be touching the paper with your pen.”

This case has overshadowed nearly all other news articles and has dominated almost all social media platforms. While the defamation case by actor Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Heard is still on the way, social media seems to have already announced a winner. Well, this fact is true that male domestic violence victims are often neglected due to toxic masculinity roles and sympathy for women. But no one can deny that the reason behind such huge support for Depp is also his star status and fame. It is more than that of Heard.

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Johnny Depp on defamation trail
Johnny Depp on defamation trial

In a report by NBC, Seth Lewis, the Shirley Papé Chair in emerging media and director of journalism claimed that it can be hard to identify one reason why the internet sided with Depp.


“Sometimes things become popular because they’re already popular at a baseline level.” He further added, “I think we’re in this moment where people are fascinated by authenticity. It’s the reason people will find greater trust in what seems to be raw video footage on social media or YouTube.”

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