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After Apologising to Chris Rock and His Family, Will Smith Makes Fun of His Career Threatening Oscar Slap

After Apologising to Chris Rock and His Family, Will Smith Makes Fun of His Career Threatening Oscar Slap

There’s always that one experience in life that always leaves a huge imprint on your memory no matter if the experience was good or bad. In the case of Oscar winner Will Smith, it would be the night of the 94th Academy Awards ceremony when his iconic slap was live-streamed to millions of viewers across the world.

The victim of the slap in question was none other than one of the biggest faces of last year’s Oscars ceremony as well as its host, Chris Rock. While that may have surely been the night’s highlight back then, the backlash Smith received following the ceremony was loud, but his latest TikTok makes people question if he regrets slapping the comedian that night.

Will Smith FandomWire
Will Smith

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Did Chris Rock Ever Receive An Apology After The Notorious Slap?

What seemed like a harmless little joke from Chris Rock as he made a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s alopecia condition turned into a wild night and a rollercoaster of emotions for the latter’s husband Will Smith, all in the 94th edition of the Academy Awards ceremony.

Will Smith FandomWire
The Oscars slap

After getting up in anger to slap the legendary comedian upon hearing the joke, the Hancock star sat down again just to make the situation even more awkward by cursing at Rock. Smith could be heard shouting “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth” as the whole crowd stood silent.

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Rock played it off at the time, but the backlash that Smith received after the ceremony finished streaming was massive. Due to internet demand (and also a lot of PR pressure), the 54-year-old actor issued an official apology to Chris Rock, first on Facebook & Instagram, and then on YouTube on his official channel.

However, Rock himself states that he was never contacted by the actor at all, personally nor on any other occasion. The comedian hasn’t fully opened up about the incident either, last admitting that he is still processing the whole thing with a promise to talk about it in the near future.

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Will Smith Seems To Have Moved On From The Oscars Incident

It takes a year to change a person. But when you’re Will Smith who made one of the most career-threatening decisions to turn to physical violence, and that too against another fellow actor, you have to strive to do better and definitely not forget about the impact of that decision.

Will Smith FandomWire
Will Smith

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However, it seems like the Bad Boys star gives little to no care about the incident or even appears remorseful about it, or that’s what his latest TikTok suggests. As one with access to the video-sharing platform can see, Smith is reacting to another TikTok in his video, the narrator says-

“I’m gonna tell you something, expletive crazy. This is literally – it sounds insane, but it will change your life, and by change your life, I mean it will make your life so much more interesting and fun.”

“Did you know, you can pick any object, look at it and ask it what it thinks of you. So, for example, you can pick up a pen and ask it how it sees you or what it thinks of you, and you will get an answer in your mind from your intuition,” she further says.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star then picks up the Oscar he won last year, a few moments after that notorious slap incident, with a concerned look, concluding the video after turning his face toward the camera again.

It seems like Will Smith is making light of the severity of such a career-threatening action that might end up biting him in the back, he’s got to be careful!

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