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After Assaulting Game of Thrones Actress, Johnny Depp’s Close Friend Marilyn Manson Threatened Deftones to Drop Her to Hurt Her Financially for Exposing Him in Revenge

After Assaulting Game of Thrones Actress, Johnny Depp's Close Friend Marilyn Manson Threatened Deftones to Drop Her to Hurt Her Financially for Exposing Him in Revenge

Johnny Depp’s friend Marilyn Manson has been getting a lot of backlash because of the allegations of s*xual assault and ill-treatment that Esmé Bianco accused him of. The Game of Thrones actress lived with him for a month before the two parted ways. According to reports, Manson has taken some steps against her after she publically made these allegations.

Marilyn Manson
American singer, songwriter, actor, painter, and writer, Marilyn Manson

According to Bianco, Manson has been trying to sabotage her tour with the Deftones and has even threatened them for working with her. The two were together for a month in 2011 and Bianco filed a complaint against him in May. Manson hasn’t been accused of misconduct for the first time, as Evan Rachel Wood too publically accused him of abusing her during their four-year relationship.

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Marilyn Manson Gets Accused Of Threatening Esmé Bianco

Esmé Bianco filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson for s*xual assault and s*xual battery, and violations of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. She had filed for unspecified damages in the suit and the accusation had been very public. Since then, Manson has been trying his best to find opportunities to silence her from saying anything further about the matter.

Esme Bianco
Esmé Bianco

“The actress reported about “the loss of exposure from images being used during the Deftones’ world tour” and the lost work “resulted in reputational damage and a loss of future economic opportunity with the Deftones.”

He reportedly interfered in a deal that the actress had been working towards. She had been arranging a photo shoot with the metal group Deftones that would later be used for their tour. Manson allegedly threatened the band for working with her and stated that he would financially cause harm to them and interfere with the tour. The band had to decide against using her photos and she lost her deal.

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Marilyn Manson Did Not Stop His Attempts To Silence Esmé Bianco

Marilyn Manson has reportedly been continuously trying to make sure that Esmé Bianco remains silent about the matter. This was not the first time he was accused of s*xual assault, with four cases including Bianco’s having been filed against him.

Manson lede 3
Marilyn Manson and Esmé Bianco

Manson’s attorneys have been pushing the theory about the women who have filed these allegations against him and have purposefully devised a plan to foil him with charges of s*xual assault. Bianco’s complaint included how he has been trying to silence her via means of threats, coercion, and intimidation.

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Source: Insider

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