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After Ben Affleck’s Exit, Christian Bale Joins James Gunn’s DCU as Batman, Sports New Buffed Up Look in Incredible Fan Art

Although it is only a dream, fans would love to see Bale's Batman in James Gunn's franchise.

After Ben Affleck's Exit, Christian Bale Joins James Gunn's DCU as Batman, Sports New Buffed Up Look in Incredible Fan Art


  • The DC Universe has had various versions of Batman played by different actors like Ben Affleck and Christian Bale.
  • While some stars have stepped away from the role, a fan art on Reddit combines the essence of Affleck's Dark Knight with Bale's portrayal.
  • The artwork portrays Bale's Batman as more muscular and darker than before.

The DC Universe is filled with different versions of Batman, from Ben Affleck to Christian Bale, there are many of those who fans love and those they do not. Some of the biggest stars are attached to the name of the Caped Crusader, and not many of them are still playing the character. Iconic iterations of the character including that of Affleck and Bale have stepped away from Batman.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Although the DCU, since James Gunn’s reign began, has been seeing a great amount of ups and downs, one fan art ignites the hopes of fans as it curiously enough adds the essence of Affleck’s Dark Knight to that of Bale’s. Perhaps in some universe, he stands as the Batman fans know and love.

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Christian Bale Gets a Makeover

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight
Christian Bale in The Dark Knight

In a fan art by @Wise-Man-07 on Reddit, Christian Bale’s Batman is brought to life in the most interesting manner possible. Fans have not seen the actor adorn the black cape in years now, having seen him as the Caped Crusader only in The Dark Knight trilogy. In the artwork shared, Bale is seen to be much buffer and heavier built, with a muscular and toned body that he holds with a Batman that looks much darker than his usual updo.

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[Artwork] Christian Bale As The DCU Batman, by Wise-Man-07(me)
byu/Wise-Man-07 inbatman

Upon further observation, it is almost as if Bale’s Bruce Wayne went through something similar to that of Ben Affleck’s character. Although both have long since exited the franchise and bid farewell to their character, an afterimage of the same lingers in the fans’ minds. This art is the exact proof of that. The thought of seeing Bale becoming a part of James Gunn’s franchise as the Batman they all wish to see would truly be a dream come true. However, it is only a dream as far as it concerns Bale.

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Should Christian Bale’s Batman Return?

Christopher Nolan had previously confirmed that he would not be making any more superhero movies. The ties that Christian Bale and Nolan have with each other make the Dark Knight trilogy one of great beauty. It is a masterpiece loved by fans and critics alike. This dedication and power the storytelling held would deem a return of the hero to be meaningless.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Batman

It took three films to establish a story worth millennia. Disrupting that would change the course of not only the trilogy but also the impact that Bale had as Batman. Whether or not he comes back as the character, fans would primarily cheer and be satisfied only with a cameo. Which brings about the question, is it worth disturbing an entire legacy?

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