After Black Adam Debacle, Dwayne Johnson Reveals Why He Paid $15M for Dying XFL Franchise: “Second chances for guys like me”

After Black Adam Debacle, Dwayne Johnson Reveals Why He Paid $15M for Dying XFL Franchise: "Second chances for guys like me"

Ever since Dwayne Johnson decided to invest in XFL fans have been concerned about whether or not it was a smart decision. The league has seen constant declines and it was unclear for a while as to why The Rock even decided to invest in the league. Following the rumors of him buying the WWE, this was a step not anticipated by fans.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

His inspiration for giving the league a second chance is a noble one. His recent loss with Black Adam put him in a spot that the actor may have figured out how to get out of. His wanting to revive the XFL may be just what he needs to not only give an opportunity to football players but also himself.

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Dwayne Johnson Invested In XFL To Give A Second Chance To People Like Him

Dwayne Johnson‘s decision to invest $15 Million in XFL was met with mixed reviews. Fans stood unsure about his investment and were worried about him losing all the money in a league that might not be able to pick up. However, the wrestler-turned-actor has an entirely different perspective on the matter.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

“It was the opportunity to create a league that I wish I had when I was around. I was a good player and I had great upper body violence which is a compliment, but the allure to buy the XFL was my longtime business partner Danny Garcia.”

He admitted that it was Danny Garcia’s idea and he just could not say no to a plan that fit so perfectly with what he wanted. It was a perfect opportunity for athletes who were termed to be too old for the big leagues yet still fit and well to play to have their shot at the game. For him, this was a way to provide second chances.

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Dwayne Johnson Met The NFL Commissioner Before Going Forward With The Idea

Dwayne Johnson revealed that he had a meeting with the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell so that he could explain his idea and go forward with it. He needed confirmation as to whether or not it would be a good decision to do so.

Dwayne Johnson known as The Rock
Dwayne Johnson

“We have a league of 54s who have a chip on their shoulders, are passionate, and are gritting it out.”

The goal that Johnson had in his mind had been so heartwarming that no one could say no to his proposal. After the XFL came to an end in 2020, it will be revived for the third time by the actor. To give an opportunity to the people who always get left behind, he is willing to take a risk and make them happy.

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