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After Blasting Will Smith at Golden Globes for Chris Rock Oscars Slap, Eddie Murphy Targets Smith’s ‘Bad Boys 4’ Co-Star Martin Lawrence, Wants Him To Pay for Son’s Wedding

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Both Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence are deemed among the greatest comedians in Hollywood history. But apart from being accomplished comedians, the two actors also share a great friendship and may soon develop another connection through their children.

Eric Murphy and Jasmine Murphy finally made their relationship public in 2021 and since then their bond has grown stronger. With many believing that the duo would tie the knot soon, Eddie Murphy has jokingly asked Lawrence to cover up their wedding expenses in the future.

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Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in Life
Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in Life

Eddie Murphy wants Martin Lawrence to pay for their children’s wedding

The comedy king Eddie Murphy hasn’t shied away from taking shots at the Bad Boys duo. After recently taking a dig at Will Smith’s slap-gate accident at the Golden Globes, Murphy has made a hilarious yet wholesome response to Martin Lawrence’s reaction to Jasmine Lawrence’s and Eric Murphy’s relationship.

In an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Martin Lawrence responded to the news of Murphy’s son and his daughter being in a relationship and expects Eddie Murphy to pay for their foreseeable wedding. In response, Eddie Murphy took a hilarious shot at his friend, as he said that Lawrence will have to pay the total cost of their wedding just like Murphy paid for his daughter’s wedding. Murphy stated,

“That’s not how it goes…don’t try to switch it up…you paying for the wedding. If it goes down, Martin is paying. My daughter just got married, and I had to pay, really had to pay. You have to do the same Martin, and the wedding better be wonderful.”

In a wholesome manner, Eddie murphy stressed that their wedding should be grand and wonderful, as he burst out laughing. And even though Murphy and Lawrence share a great bond, it seems that their friendship had nothing to do with developing Jasmine Lawrence and Eric Murphy’s love for each other.

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Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence
Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence

Jasmine Lawrence and Eric Murphy shared that their fathers had no involvement in their relationship

Even though Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence have been great friends for decades and have starred in a couple of movies, which include Life and Boomerang. But their kids have revealed that their fathers’ friendship had nothing to do with their relationship after they made their bond public in the June of 2021.

In an interview with InTouch Weekly, the duo clarified that their fathers didn’t introduce themselves to each other. The couple started bonding on their own as both of them shared a similar background of growing up in Hollywood. They explained that the two became great friends instantly and started to grow closer with time and since then haven’t shied away to express their love for each other.

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Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy
Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy

While there hasn’t been any confirmation about their engagement, considering their bond, it isn’t hard to believe why both of their fathers are confident about their relationship moving forward. And both Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence may soon see themselves becoming a family.

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