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After Decimating Avengers: Infinity War, James Cameron Beats Star Wars – Avatar 2 Crosses ‘The Force Awakens’ To Become 4th Highest Grossing Movie Ever

After Decimating Avengers: Infinity War, James Cameron Beats Star Wars - Avatar 2 Crosses 'The Force Awakens' To Become 4th Highest Grossing Movie Ever

What do Marvel and Star Wars have in common apart from being owned by Disney? Both franchises have now been officially toppled over by James Cameron’s brainchild, Avatar 2. But of course, that is only natural for a vision that has been 13 years in the making. A vision, however, is the least of all the adulations that are to be accorded to what the master storyteller has been telling on the big screens across the globe, uniting fans, dreamers, artists, and those seeking escape from the land of harsh realities in a singular, common goal – to give the audience a world that is not merely a reflection of our own but has the potential to be flawed and simultaneously perfect.

Avatar 2 continues its rise to the top
Avatar 2 continues its rise to the top

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Avatar 2 Climbs Higher in Top 5 Highest-Earner Categories

The top highest-grossing films in the worldwide collection are spread evenly between Disney’s Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios projects. But now that James Cameron’s ambition has broken loose from the carefully knotted noose that had been keeping it at bay, the “Top Five” category has been overrun by the director’s latest projects – AvatarTitanic, and Avatar: The Way of Water. The 2022 film had been quietly pacing uphill with defiant ease, slowly toppling each obstacle in its path with grace and deftness. The latest among its conquests was Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015), which had until now resided in the 4th spot comfortably.

Avatar: The Way of Water - visual delicacy
Avatar: The Way of Water – a visual delicacy

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The latest stir occurs as Avatar 2 reaches its sixth-consecutive weekend, earning $2.074.8 billion while The Force Awakens simmers behind with $2.071 billion in worldwide earnings. Since the film’s release on 16th December, The Way of Water has been evenly taking hold of its box office collection with each passing week. With unusually high numbers to boast of, the Cameron project has pushed down Spider-Man: No Way Home and Avengers: Infinity War down from their earlier posts among the Top Five.

On its way to conquering the box office and making history, The Way of Water now finds itself up against Cameron’s very own Titanic [$2.19B], Avengers: Endgame [$2.79B], and Avatar [$2.92B].

Fans React to Avatar 2‘s Rise to the 4th Highest-Earner Spot

James Cameron films Avatar: The Way of Water
James Cameron shoots Avatar: The Way of Water

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It was – as James Cameron’s sworn CGI enemy Thanos would say – inevitable. Avatar 2 has been brewing on the sidelines for a little too long and it would certainly be a sad turnout if Cameron’s ambition failed in its overarching final lap. As the Canadian director aims ever higher and inches closer to achieving his magnum opus with his Na’vi-led franchise, the second sequel in the story of Pandora’s narrative creates a legacy with each precise frame and trailblazing cinematography. Fans, of course, couldn’t be prouder and happier to be partisans in history being created, to stand as witnesses and watch it happen.

Having achieved the pinnacle of technical evolution in cinematic execution, Cameron now pauses his beating around the bush and jumps headfirst into the production lineup of his five-part series. Avatar 3, which has already begun pre-production, is now set to be released on December 20, 2024, followed by Avatar 4 on December 18, 2026, and Avatar 5 on December 22, 2028.

Source: Deadline

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