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After Defying Death With Thousands of Deadly Stunts, Mission Impossible Star Tom Cruise’s Next Role Sees Him Play the Lion King’s Pumbaa

After Defying Death With Thousands of Deadly Stunts, Mission Impossible Star Tom Cruise’s Next Role Sees Him Play the Lion King’s Pumbaa

Tom Cruise is an A-lister in Hollywood through and through, not only is he one of the most famous actors out there, but he is also the one who does his stunts – jumping off buildings, piloting his aircraft, and many others at the age of 60. He is a colossal titan when it comes to fame, power, and money in the Hollywood industry, with his wide influence alongside his eternal charm, he is one of the most sought-after actors in today’s generation. Tom Cruise’s recent film was an absolute blockbuster and an even bigger hit at the theatres as it was very well received by the fans and also had great critic reviews.

Tom Cruise in 1986 Top Gun film
Tom Cruise in the 1986 Top Gun film

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Tom Cruise: From a Heroic Captain to a Disney Character

Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Cruise will be taking on the role of Pumbaa for a show, The Late Late Show alongside James Cordon, who will be portraying the role of Timon, Pumbaa’s notorious friend. Tom Cruise will be steering away from his signature role of being a rogue covert agent and is prepping to participate in a musical by Disney’s one of the best shows – The Lion King. This is all because one of the most famous talk show hosts James Corden is taking his leave from his show, the late-night TV series, The Late Late Show. 

James Corden
James Corden

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Tom Cruise has been a guest on the show multiple times, and the last time he visited was to promote his new upcoming movie of that time, Top Gun: Maverick, where he reprises his role as the splendid pilot, Pete Mitchell. James Corden has run the show for almost 9 years now and is getting an appropriate send-off with star actors like Tom Cruise coming to his event. The show has run for 8 seasons now and its final episode will be specially premiered on CBS and Paramount+.

Top Gun: Maverick – 2022’s Runner Up

Tom Cruise has yet again shocked the world with his stunning performance and versatile acting in front of the camera though he is above 60 years of age. Top Gun: Maverick has rocked the world in 2022 after its release as it went up to the second place at the box office collection after James Cameron’s Avatar sequel.

The movie was a massive hit as Tom Cruise reprises his role as the eccentric pilot with impossible maneuvers with his Darkstar. There are even rumors going around that part three is a possibility and director Joseph Kosinski is eager to start the pre-production for it. The sequel was successful enough to carry a third movie but would Tom Cruise who is way over 60 be willing to star in it?

Top Gun: Maverick
Top Gun: Maverick

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Top Gun sequel collected a huge amount of over $1.48 billion at the box office after its release with a mere budget of $170 million, and the movie also ranked second in 2022’s ranking list. Moreover, the movie also received various accolades such as the Critics Choice Award, Golden Trailer Award, and Hollywood Critics Association Creative Arts Awards twice, along with multiple other awards and much more nominations.

Top Gun: Maverick is available for streaming on Paramount+

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