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After Dwayne Johnson’s Colossal Failure, Baywatch Eyes Another Remake to Wipe Out $178M Reboot Movie Starring Zac Efron from Memory

dwayne johnson, zac efron and baywatch

Baywatch is one of those films which created a lot of hype in 2017 due to the presence of a stellar cast including Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and more. But when it was released on the big screens it failed to match the buzz it created. The film was full of flaws and neither the humor nor the action scenes were miles able to entertain the viewers.

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The cast of Baywatch (1989)

However, it looks like Baywatch is making a return, as Fremantle has decided to make a remake of the original TV series which was immensely popular among the viewers. And this move by Fremantle would mark the return of one of the most-watched shows in the world.

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Baywatch Remake Is In The Works

In an exclusive report from Deadline, Fremantle has decided on a remake of the original TV series, and it has held talks with several OTT platforms to find a match for the streaming of the rebooted series. Since the series is in the early stages of development, there are no names attached to the project.

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A still from Baywatch

The original Baywatch series aired from 1989 to 2001, which was a great show during its time, and featured popular stars such as Pamela Anderson, David Hasselhoff, Jason Momoa, Stacy Kamano, and more. The show was extremely popular as it had 11 seasons, where in each episode it featured a perfect blend of drama, action, and humor, whilst tackling serious issues such as drug addiction, domestic violence, and mental health. 

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The 2017 Baywatch Delayed the Remake

The 2017 remake of the original beach drama series was an extremely disappointing film because it failed to showcase the essence of the original TV Series. The movie deviated from the source material and it tried to modernize itself. The performances by Dwayne Johnson, and Zac Efron were lifeless, and as a result, they did not have any chemistry between them. 

Cast of Baywatch (2017)
Cast of Baywatch (2017)

The failure of the 2017 film has also been criticized by Bob McCourt, the COO of Fremantle, who stated that the 2017 film would have given “reason to reboot the TV series” in 2018. However, the poor reviews delayed the remake of the series. Pamela Anderson who was also a part of the original TV Series criticized the film as well. Though she made a cameo in the 2017 film, she said she “didn’t like it” because “trying to make these movies out of television, is just messing with it.

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Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in Baywatch

However, the creators of the show should keep their fingers crossed because fans have still not overcome the mixed to poor reviews of the film, and they should hope that this reboot would be positively taken by the fans of the show.

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Source: Deadline

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