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After Henry Cavill Gets Kicked Out as Superman, Dave Bautista Fuels Black Adam Recast Rumors With The Rock Out of DCU: “I talked to James Gunn. He’s starting from scratch”

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The theoretical advancement of the new DC universe sounds as good as a foolproof plan – younger, more formative superheroes, fresh off the ground, navigating their place in a new world, finding who they are supposed to be, and how they fit into the narrative. And Dave Bautista has just confirmed all of it to be true. In a recent post, the former WWE Superstar and current actor partially informed the fandom of James Gunn’s plans and the general direction that the DCU is headed under the new regime. A fresh start – that is the mantra, it seems, for Zaslav, Gunn, Safran & Co. It

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista

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Dave Bautista Speaks to James Gunn About the DCU Plans

The ensuing rearrangement of the DC CBM franchise that took place after the regime change at Warner Bros. came with its fair share of insurrection from the fandom. It was chaos that followed since the letting go of Henry Cavill and the official amputation of the SnyderVerse. But despite it all, people knew that the greatest creations are born from the harshest pain and so, the glorious DCEU and all its elements were cut off to make space for a better, stronger world.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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Now, the responsibility to oversee and manage this world falls on the shoulders of James Gunn, the first and eternal creator and caretaker of DC Studios and whatever it is that follows herein. Dave Bautista knows that and he has made that clear in as many words. While doing press for his upcoming project, the actor spoke to Insider about his conversation with James Gunn and what he grasped from the tête-à-tête and his inability to play the Dark Knight villain, Bane:

“I talked to James [Gunn] about it, the direction he’s going, completely rebooting the whole universe, he’s starting from scratch and making everything younger and fresher and I think that’s the ideal path.”

For now, the “younger and fresher” component of James Gunn’s plans already has a new candidate – Superman. And Gunn is already penning the script of what will be the origin story of the DC that lasts way into the future.

Henry Cavill out the door after James Gunn takes over DC
Henry Cavill steps away as James Gunn makes way for a new DCU

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Did Dave Bautista Hint Towards a Black Adam Recast?

The retired professional wrestler found a place in the world of cinema when he stepped out of the ring and straight into the arms of James Gunn. In his limited and yet expensive collection of cinematic roles, Dave Bautista remains an underrated actor who has had the pleasure of working with all the modern greats – Denis Villeneuve, Zack Snyder, James Gunn, and Rian Johnson. All of it was made possible with Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 in 2014. The actor developed a close bond with the Peacemaker director over the course of the 3 films and one special presentation for Marvel.

Dave Bautista and James Gunn
Dave Bautista and James Gunn

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As such, when the Guardians actor exclusively claims that he has had a talk with the co-Chairman and CEO of DC Studios aka James Gunn, and feels confident enough to act as a representative of the director and assure the franchise’s fandom, it has to mean something far more than what the message superficially means. If the whole universe is undergoing a reboot, the plans may go on to even include the latest among the lot, i.e. Black Adam.

Considering how Henry Cavill’s exit was immediately counteracted with a new Superman announcement, The Rock’s character, although not an immediate requirement within a formative universe’s arc, may someday get the same treatment that is being accorded to the rest of his contemporaries.

Source: Insider

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