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After Idris Elba, Another British Star Rejects $14.4B James Bond Franchise Casting Rumors: “Only M I’ll ever be is mental”

After Idris Elba, Another British Star Rejects $14.4B James Bond Franchise Casting Rumors: "Only M I'll ever be is mental"

With the long-running saga of Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond in the iconic 007 franchise coming to an end in the final moments of No Time To Die, Eon Productions are locked in a race against time to find the next generation superstar that will take the mantle of the super spy from its predecessor and continue the legacy forward.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

And with a plethora of talent to choose from, the company is trying its best to select the perfect candidate for the job. But that process has not been a piece of cake as many shortlisted and speculated stars have revealed their unwillingness to play the role of Agent 007. And now, we also have news that another star has declined the major role of a major character from the franchise, shooting down the earlier casting rumors.

Daisy May Cooper Doesn’t Want To Become M From The 007 Franchise!

Daisy May Cooper
Daisy May Cooper

While James Bond might be the face that runs the franchise with his strong and capable hands, the guiding and commanding voice of M from the series is who the super spy has to take orders from and get missions assigned from. Thus, the role of the commanding agent becomes even more crucial to the series. After Harry Potter star Ralph Fiennes took the mantle from Judi Dench in Skyfallfans were already asking who will be next in line to inherit the title after the end of the film. And now, one of the potential stars to take the role of the character has just backed out.

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During the Royal Television Society Awards, Daisy May Cooper, the star who was the most likely candidate by fans and speculators to become the next M in the 007 franchise denounced these rumors whit a joke. As she won the award for Comedy Performance (Female) for her BBC show Am I Being Unreasonable? she decided to kill two birds with one stone as she accepted her award via proxy and sent a note in her stead that said:

“I can’t be there because I’m filming Bond… jokes, the only M I’ll ever be is mental.”

Thus, through her comical tactics, she cleared the air about her involvement in the James Bond series other than her past editorial work in No Time To Die starring Daniel Craig in his last crusade as the super spy, putting people right back to square one.

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Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

Henry Cavill is the biggest contender to play James Bond
Henry Cavill is the biggest contender to play James Bond

As the race to find the next Bond gets harder and harder, many speculators as well as rumors have pointed out certain individuals that can fit the picture of Agent 007. With names ranging from Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to name a few, it’s anyone’s guess who we might see in the MI6 headquarters next. But even from the aforementioned names, it seems like former DCEU star Henry Cavill might be a fan favorite choice for many fans.

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Source: Radio Times

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