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After Idris Elba’s $113M Disaster, Stephen King Wants Oculus Director to Save Dark Tower Franchise

After Idris Elba's $113M Disaster, Stephen King Wants Oculus Director to Save Dark Tower Franchise

Stephen King is one of the most established authors in the world and is often referred to as the ‘King of Horror‘ for his works in the horror and supernatural fiction genre. The American author is best known for his eight-novel series, The Dark Tower which was released back in 1982. The novel series is often referred to as King’s ‘Magnum Opus‘ as well. A movie adaptation of the first novel was also released back in 2017, The Dark Tower in which Idris Elba portrayed the role of Roland Deschain. However, the movie turned out to be such a huge failure at the box office that no further sequels of the movie were announced.

Stephen King
Stephen King

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However, it seems like Mike Flanagan is finally going to reboot the series and he even has Stephen King’s stamp of approval.

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Stephen King approved Mike Flanagan’s rebooting of The Dark Tower

A fan of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower novel series recently decided to take it to Twitter and asked Amazon Studios to make a Mike Flagan version of the series which they will be supporting through and through. To everyone’s surprise, King himself replied to this tweet and wrote “The writer happens to agree.

Idris Elba in The Dark Tower
Idris Elba in The Dark Tower

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The tweet came as a big relief to the fans of the series who have been waiting for a reboot since the massive disappointment of an adaptation they got back in 2017. The Dark Tower movie, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey was supposed to be the first movie with sequels in plans to complete the series. However, the underwhelming performance of the movie at the box office put a stop to those plans.

Mike Flanagan’s views on rebooting The Dark Tower novel series

Mike Flanagan has been absolutely obsessed with Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novel throughout his life. Last year in an interview, the Oculus director even revealed his wish to make a series adaptation of the novel series. Flanagan referred to The Dark Tower series as the “Holy Grail of a project” of his life. Flanagan further revealed that he already has planned a pilot episode in his mind and said,

“I wrote a pilot, we view it as a as a series that’s going at least five seasons. And having lived with this project as long as I have, I have an enormous amount of it worked out in my brain. But I have a pilot script I’m thrilled with and a very detailed outline for the first season and a broader outline for the subsequent seasons.”

Mike Flanagan
Mike Flanagan

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Mike Flanagan further revealed in his interview that he also sent a detailed script of the pilot to Stephen King who gave him his seal of approval and trusted Flanagan with his vision.

Source: Twitter and Deadline

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