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After Losing Oscars Race to Brendan Fraser, Elvis’ Star Austin Butler Gets Mocked For His Elvis’ Accent at the Oscars 2023

After Losing Oscars Race to Brendan Fraser, Elvis' Star Austin Butler Gets Mocked For His Elvis' Accent at the Oscars 2023

Austin Butler welcomed immense recognition and acclamation after starring in Elvis last year. But he also happened to be censured just as much at the Oscars this year for not yet shedding his deep, Elvis accent.

The 31-year-old star received an Academy Award nomination for his remarkable performance in the Baz Luhrmann biopic and was up for ‘Best Actor’ alongside Brendan Fraser, Colin Farrell, Paul Mescul, and Bill Nighy.

Austin Butler
Austin Butler at the Oscars 2023

While Butler lost the trophy to Fraser, it looks like he didn’t quite lose his grip on the Elvis drawl, which stood out like an omnipresent force on the red carpet. And people were not merciful when they called him out on the same.

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Austin Butler’s Conspicuous Elvis Accent on the Red Carpet at Oscars 2023

During his red-carpet interviews at the 95th Academy Awards on March 12, 2023, Austin Butler‘s interactions consisted mainly of two things – his gratitude for earning his first-ever Oscar nomination, and the obvious Elvis Presley accent that for better or worse, accentuated his tone.

Austin Butler as Elvis Presley in Elvis (2022).
Austin Butler as Elvis Presley in Elvis (2022)

“Oh man, all my words are leaving me. I just am so grateful right now,” Butler exclaimed in a voice distinguished enough to allude to that of the King of Rock and Roll. “I’m in this room full of my heroes. Brad [Pitt], I love you. Quentin [Tarantino], I printed out the ‘Pulp Fiction’ script when I was 12. I cannot believe I’m here right now,” 

Unfortunately for him though, Brendan Fraser ended up bagging the Academy Award for the Best Actor for his leading role in The Whale. And fans certainly didn’t seem to be too impressed as they trolled the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star for his “fake Elvis accent.” 

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Austin Butler Gets Blasted for Still Talking in His Elvis Voice

While some derided him for still holding onto his Elvis accent, others took shots at him, claiming to be “sick of it” after all this time. And it definitely doesn’t help Butler’s case that he delivered his acceptance speech in the same accent when he won a Golden Globe for the Luhrmann-helmed film.

Austin Butler
Austin Butler won a Golden Globe for the ‘Best Actor’

“When is Austin Butler losing the accent? Or is it part of his DNA now?” An Oscar viewer mocked while another wrote, “Austin Butler DROP THAT F*ING ACCENT!!!!!”

Not all were subtle about their reactions either as someone even threatened to “commit a crime” if Butler didn’t “drop his d*mn accent.” 

Twitter has been flooded with trolls and fan reactions about the same.

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Just a month after he won a Golden Globe for Elvis, Butler mentioned how he planned on “getting rid of the accent” when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show. “I am getting rid of the accent, but I have probably damaged my vocal cords with all that singing,” the Disney alum claimed. But it looks like he hasn’t gotten any closer to his goal than he was back then.

Source: Page Six

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