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After Marvel VFX Artists Raised Voice on Poor, Inhumane Working Conditions, MCU Reportedly Splitting Things Up So Artists May Get “Better Chance To Succeed”

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Marvel has been getting a lot of stick from fans and netizens over the past few months regarding the conditions in which they make their VFX artists work. Marvel is indeed one of the most prolific movie-making studios as of date, churning out superhero flicks that come out on a regular basis in a planned manner (not to mention their phase structure), and it’s been working out well.

But at the end of the day, if the employees of your company are completely against being loaded up with a ton of work with a comparatively small amount of time to complete it, you’ll have to save some face and make amends for the mistakes. That’s exactly what Marvel is trying to do as of now.

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Marvel Attempts To Paper Over The Cracks By Making One Major Change

Kevin Feige is enjoying all the success that a man can ever have in a lifetime with the success of the MCU movie, but it can only go so far if the whole team isn’t on board.

During an interview with IGN, VFX artists of the billion-dollar company, who wish to remain anonymous, listed out a number of grievances, and the overall workload they were assigned by the major studio- blacklisted from working on Marvel projects, breakdowns from all the work pressure, no clear idea about what a movie should be like from the studio itself, and so on.

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However, one VFX artist reported a positive change from Marvel’s side in easing the work. To explain, the third act in a movie is basically the final act where a major showdown happens and the story is resolved or continued further. It is exactly around this third act that the workload either completely increases or changes drastically.

According to the artist, Marvel has taken a positive step toward dividing the work among different studios that work on the movie. They say-

“It’s famously the third act in most Marvel movies. If you have the third act, you are in for the most pain. Everything will change in a very drastic way, which means the most amount of work. And if one studio had more than just the third act, you’re in for it. Now, it seems like they’ve kind of split things up in a more logical way… Divvying up the work that way gives people a better chance to succeed. That’s one thing that’s been positive.”

Well, that’s one way to make amends, we hope more changes come along!

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Marvel Star Simu Liu Gets Cast As A Villain

Simu Liu was the face of Marvel’s record-breaking hit movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The journey doesn’t stop there, as the sequel is already in the works, but Liu has got another role lined up, and this time he’s the bad guy.

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According to Deadline, Liu has been cast in the role of a rogue AI soldier in a movie called Atlas. The story revolves around the soldier going his own way, and his main objective now is to end the existence of humanity, all because he wants wars to end.

Joining Liu in Atlas will be Jennifer Lopez and Sterling K. Brown. Atlas will be released on Netflix, but when is the question?

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