After Rapunzel, Marvel Star Florence Pugh Rumored to Become Top Contender for Major ‘The Last of Us’ Character Alongside Pedro Pascal

After Rapunzel, Marvel Star Florence Pugh Rumored to Become Top Contender for Major 'The Last of Us' Character Alongside Pedro Pascal

Is Florence Pugh joining The Last of Us cast? It’s undeniable that Abby will play a crucial role in the highly anticipated second season of the very acclaimed The Last of Us. For those unfamiliar, Abby is a major antagonist in the second installment of the video game with the same name, which inspired the HBO series in the first place. Thus, the show’s creators wanted to find the perfect actor for this character, sparking a flurry of speculations all over the internet.

And according to a reliable source for insider scoop, Florence Pugh was extended an offer for the role before any of the Hollywood strikes occurred. While there hasn’t been any official confirmation of her involvement in the show, the numerous theories and speculations are a testament to how ideally suited she seems for the part.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh

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Will Florence Pugh Play Abby in The Last of Us Season 2?

Before the strikes hit, the second season of the HBO series was in full swing, and it’s now poised to resume production once the strikes are settled. Preparing for the upcoming season, casting Abby’s character emerged as one of the top priorities. This is where the name Florence Pugh entered the conversation. According to MyTimeToShineHello, on X, the microblogging app, formerly known as Twitter,

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Abby, who will serve as Ellie’s rival in the second installment, defies easy categorization as a straightforward villain. The post-apocalyptic world of the Pedro Pascal show has birthed some of the most complex and nuanced, characters in television history and Abby is one of the same.

Florence Pugh in Black WIdow
Florence Pugh in Black Widow

And thus, the actor from Oppenheimer would undoubtedly be an impeccable fit for the role. Florence Pugh, who is already a prominent Hollywood star and an immensely talented performer, has garnered unwavering trust from the public that she will flawlessly breathe life into the character. While Florence Pugh is a leading contender, she’s not the sole rumored candidate for the role; there’s also speculation surrounding Shannon Berry’s potential involvement in the competition.

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Showrunner Craig Mazin Has Already Found His Abby and Thinks the Show Got It Right”

In the most recent update, HBO has officially announced that they’ve cast the role of Abby to the publication LA Times. However, they’re keeping the actor’s identity under wraps until a perfect moment arrives. While Florence Pugh and Shannon Berry were rumored to be a part of the selection process, the anticipation among fans is steadily growing as they eagerly await the revelation of the chosen actor. During a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter(via The Direct), the showrunner, Craig Mazin revealed,

“The strike stopped us in our tracks. Things were in process. Look, Abby was the first role that we wanted to tackle. We’ve got a pretty good track record of making major cast announcements and people going, ‘Really?’ which will probably continue. So people may disagree, but I think we got it right so far and the audience seems to feel we got it right and the Academy seems to feel we got it right.”

Abby in The Last of Us part ll
Abby in The Last of Us part ll

It’s safe to assume that people will have a reaction when they hear the name, that’s for certain. Only time will reveal what the season holds in store for its dedicated fanbase. If the show continues to follow the source material from the popular video game, this season is expected to take a much darker turn. Filming is slated to commence once the writers and actors strike concludes.

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The Last of Us season one is currently streaming on Max.

Source: MyTimeToShineHello on X (formerly Twitter)

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