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After Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland, Fans Demand Another Voice Actor of One of World’s Most Popular Game Franchises Be Fired Over S*xual Abuse Allegations

After Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland, Fans Demand Another Voice Actor of One of World's Most Popular Game Franchises Be Fired Over S*xual Abuse Allegations

Justin Roiland has been accused of domestic violence and since then been fired from Rick and Morty. A similar incident might take place in another popular game. Genshin Impact has been ruling over the gaming world with its immersive open-world playstyle and beautiful storytelling. The game has managed to compete with the biggest games of the year ever since it was first launched in 2020. New characters are introduced in almost every patch, and furthermore, fans can play as these characters who all have unique playstyles and their own lore.

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Tighnari in Genshin Impact

The animation and story within the game are on par with many anime, so it was great news for fans when HoYoverse announced on their second anniversary that the game would be adapted into an anime. The voice actors in every language available in the game have done an incredible job. However, one such voice actor’s unacceptable behavior has recently come to light. This has ultimately made fans demand that Elliot Gindi gets officially replaced.

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of s*xual assault, p*dophelia, and more.

Genshin Impact‘s Tighnari’s English Voice Actor Elliot Gindi Gets Accused Of Transphobia

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Tighnari with Cyno ingame

Tighnari was the first 5-star Dendro character introduced in Genshin Impact and is voiced by Elliot Gindi in English. The character immediately became a fan favorite and players could not help but admire just how much passion his voice actor had and how much it fits the character. This admiration ended recently when brave victims stepped forward and revealed in a document everything he had done to them.

The voice actor has been accused of p*edophilia, transphobia, s*xual assault, grooming, blackmailing, emotional abuse, and a lot more. Victims stepped forward and spoke up against Gindi, revealing everything he was doing and trying to get away with. He had allegedly threatened to commit suicide if anything was spoken against him or if they tried to leave him.

Justin Roiland Was Accused Of Something Similar

Elliot Grindi is only the latest in what may seem to be a streak of voice actors being labeled for misconduct. Justin Roiland was fired from Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites, and many more shows that he was the creator of and was voice acting for. He was charged with domestic violence and Hulu, along with every other platform that was connected to him, has decided to break ties with the creator.

Adult Swim's Justin Roiland decision means Rick and Morty voices will be recast as co-creator leaves show over allegations | Ents & Arts News | Sky News
Justin Roiland

He had been acting inappropriately on set and even had a feud with Dan Harmon. While he has pled no guilty, there is still no conclusion to his accusations yet.

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Elliot Gindi Gave Out An Apology On Twitter

Tighnari’s voice actor recently gave out an apology on Twitter after these accusations surfaced. He requested specifically to keep other voice actors and the game itself out of the backlash that the audience would give out. Furthermore, he admitted to having done a lot of what he was accused of, stating that he had always believed it to be consensual between both parties.

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“I thought everything was consensual and safe. I tried to tell myself I could make it ethical with clear communication and boundaries,” Gindi added, “I was so wrong and I realized this which is why I tried to come clean to everyone I know, log off and get therapy.”

This only seemed to infuriate the fans even more. They have since been demanding that the voice actor for the Dendro archer gets changed. The voice director for Genshin Impact has taken note of the matter and has confirmed that it will be forwarded to miHoYo and HoYoverse.

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Genshin Impact Voice Actors Choose To Cut Ties With Elliot Gindi

How to pronounce Tighnari? | Genshin Impact | HoYoLAB
Tighnari ingame

Genshin Impact streamers and voice actors have decided to cut ties with Elliot Gindi altogether. They have deleted their streams that included the voice actor and are standing against him, choosing to not have any connection with Gindi. English voice actors for Hu Tao, Aether, Venti, Cyno, Raiden Shogun, and many more have openly spoken about their furiousness with someone who they considered their friend.

They are standing in support of the victims, wishing them well, and confirming that no matter what, the victims are valid and brave to speak up against him. They commend the people who had to go through everything with the voice actor.

Genshin Impact can be played on PC, Mobile, and PlayStation.

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