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After WB and James Gunn Humiliated Him, Dwayne Johnson Switches Sides and Partners With Disney for $4.5B Movie Offer in Iconic Franchise?

After WB and James Gunn Humiliated Him, Dwayne Johnson Switches Sides and Partners With Disney for $4.5B Movie Offer in Iconic Franchise

It’s no secret that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has needed a fresh start. After five films, the series seemed to be running out of steam, and even Johnny Depp’s iconic portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow wasn’t enough to keep audiences engaged.

But now, with the announcement of two spinoffs starring Margot Robbie and a mysterious new character, as well as the news that Dwayne Johnson is set to lead a third spinoff, it seems that Disney is taking a new approach to the beloved franchise.

The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise Gets New Life

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

After James Gunn and WB scrapped Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam sequel, the actor has decided to work with Disney on what might be the most successful picture in the franchise’s history. Even though not much about the film’s narrative or characters is known, fans will be excited to know what this may signify for the future of the franchise.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean world has limitless potential, with Margot Robbie slated to feature in a spinoff, and whispers of a secret third movie in the works. Fans old and new may be certain that Johnson’s involvement will result in spectacular action set pieces and outsized characters.

Dwayne Johnson.
Dwayne Johnson.

What’s more perplexing is Johnson’s decision to work with Disney on this. According to reports, the actor’s relationship with Warner Bros. has deteriorated since the company broadcast his last movie, Black Adam, on HBO Max simultaneously with its theatrical run. Dwayne Johnson allegedly disapproved of the decision because he believed it would hurt the film’s chances at the box office.

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Dwayne Johnson’s enormous blockbuster flicks may have found a new home with Disney’s dedication to theatrical releases. Who could blame him, considering the $4.5 billion offer? There are, of course, many unanswered concerns concerning the plot and style of the next Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Dwayne Johnson’s Role In The Disney Franchise

If Dwayne Johnson joins the cast, the question about him playing a new character is yet to be answered. Furthermore, fans will eagerly anticipate an official response on how this movie connects to the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean canon. We do know, though, that Disney has plans to develop new characters and plot lines for the property.

The studio is eager to expand the Pirates of the Caribbean canon and expose moviegoers to new and interesting characters with a spinoff and the unnamed third film now in production. Moreover, Dwayne Johnson has already established himself as a financial success at the theater. The actor has shown himself capable of drawing massive crowds and giving them the high-octane action they seek in successful movies like Fast & Furious, Jumanji, Central Intelligence, and Jungle Cruise.

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Dwayne Johnson in Red One
Dwayne Johnson in Red One

The prospect of a Pirates of the Caribbean universe, though, may be the most intriguing aspect of this report. Many prequels and sequels are already in production, providing a unique chance to build a cinematic universe on par with Marvel’s MCU. It’s very early, so we don’t know what type of movie Johnson’s Pirates spinoff will become.

Yet, given the star’s inherent magnetism and oversized character, we know we’re in for an exciting trip. In the meantime, The Rock’s fans can look forward to his upcoming movie called the Red One, which by the looks of it, could be a Holiday season release this year. The movie also stars J.K Simmons and Chris Evans.

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