Against All Odds, Stellar Blade has Won 1 Title No-one Expected!

After the censorship saga, it's now time for Stellar Blade to rise again as it becomes the winner of People's Choice Poll on PlayStation in April.

stellar blade


  • Stellar Blade was infested with the censorship saga as the company was accused of false marketing.
  • Overcoming all the controversies, the game achieves the Players' Choice title on PlayStation in April.
  • Stellar Blade also became the second-most-selling game on the PlayStation Store in April.
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Stellar Blade might not be having the best of times right now. Despite having all the aspects of a brilliant game, the open-world title had to face a lot of criticism right after its release. The game was accused of false advertising, and the situation got so bad that PlayStation had to refund all the digital versions of the game.


However, this CD Projekt Red title overcame all the difficulties well and truly. Stellar Blade has become the second-best-selling game on the PlayStation Store since its launch. Besides, it has achieved another accolade, which no one thought possible after all the controversies.

Stellar Blade Wins Players’ Choice Poll of April

Stellar Blade gets the Players' Choice title in April.
Stellar Blade gets the Players’ Choice title in April.

After releasing on April 26, 2024, Stellar Blade faced many backlashes. But that didn’t stop the action-adventure title from wrapping up the PlayStation Players Choice Poll for April. PlayStation has recently announced this news on their official X handle.


Even after being released just four days before the end of the month, the game still got the achievement. Hence, the game got just four days to show its worth competing with pre-existing titles from April like Sand Land, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Tales of Kenzera: Zau, and many more. Also, this game was the first leap of Shift Up in the AAA arena, so the achievement itself is huge.

Even the fans agree with this achievement of the game.


This fan thinks the game truly deserves this title.

The Game of the Year shout was inevitable. And seeing the caliber and potential of the game, fans can easily dream about Stellar Blade lifting the most prestigious award in the gaming world this year.


Fans are very happy to see the game potentially achieve this title. However, they can’t absolutely forgive Shift Up for the censorship saga.


Stellar Blade is the Second-Best-Selling Best Selling Game on PlayStation Store After Launch

Stellar Blade takes the scond spot for the best-selling titles on the PlayStation Store in April.
Stellar Blade takes the second spot for the best-selling titles on the PlayStation Store in April.

Another accolade drops into the bag of the Stellar Blade. According to The PlayStation blog, the game takes the second spot on the list of PlayStation’s best-selling titles for April 2024. It is interesting to note that despite having other games as competitors that were on the scene for a long time, Stellar Blade was able to beat all of them except one and that too just for five days in April.

The first game on that list, without any surprise, is Helldivers 2. However, beating titles like Sea of Thieves, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, MLB The Show 24, and many more in that short period was a huge ask for this shift, and they did it in style. It will be fascinating to see the exact number of sales when Sony reveals them soon. Surely many records are going to be broken in terms of most sales in the shortest time.

Stellar Blade‘s Players’ Choice title is a breath of fresh air after so many controversies. We hope the game rises to its glory more.


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