“Aggressive” Buddy Comedies Made ‘Bridesmaids’ Director Take on Sandra Bullock Film to Prove a Point

Paul Feig chose Sandra Bullock's The Heat to prove the potential female-centric buddy comedy films.

“Aggressive” Buddy Comedies Made ‘Bridesmaids’ Director Take on Sandra Bullock Film to Prove a Point


  • The Heat was an immense success featuring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the leading roles.
  • Director, Paul Feig talked about why he found male centric buddy cop movies unappealing.
  • With the 2013 project, he talked about making the female centric projects to showcase its potential.
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Sandra Bullock is one of the few actresses who successfully established her name in the romantic-comedy genre. However many might know that this was not always the case. Male actors often lead the comedy genre, especially when it comes to buddy comedies. However, their aggressive adventurous approach somehow irked Bridesmaids director, Paul Feig who decided to take an entirely different route. 

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Sandra Bullock in a still from The Proposal
Sandra Bullock in a still from The Proposal

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Paul Feig is prominently known for his work in the comedy genre. From gaining attention through the late 90s series, Freaks and Geeks and several episodes of The Office, he made efforts to promote gender diversity in the entertainment industry. He worked with female artists to create projects like The Heat and Spy. However, this change was something he always wanted to do with the genre. 

Paul Feig Chose Sandra Bullock’s Film to Diversify the Buddy Comedy Genre

melissa mccarthy and sandra bullock
Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in The Heat

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Initially, many had this misconception that female-oriented projects would not garner much profit let alone an engaging audience. However, this notion was nullified with the release of female-oriented projects like The Bridesmaids and The Heat starring Sandra Bullock

In an interview with Refinery29, he talked about why male-oriented comedy flicks don’t appeal to him.


“Guys are so aggressive. Especially with guys being funny, it’s all name calling and homophobia and punching.”

Not only did he have good female friends, but his childhood experience of getting bullied further made him uninterested in the ‘hyper-macho ways’ of comedies. 

 “Hanging out with the girls, we’d all make each other laugh, and I liked the way that the interactions were. It was fun and supportive. There was no aggression. It’s just the way I like the world to be.”

This became his pillar to create female-led projects showcasing no aggression but a heartfelt comedy style he always wanted. 


Paul Feig Decided to Write Scripts for Female Characters

Director, Paul Feig
Director, Paul Feig [Credit: Instagram/PaulFeig]
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After the success of his series, Freaks and Geeks, he was offered several comedy projects but they were “always male-based.” That led him to take the matter into his own hands. 


 “They were always very male-based, where it was lots of guys trying to get laid or going on an adventure. The nerdy guy and his pal. I was like, ‘What dynamic is this? I have no take on that.’” He added, “‘F–k it, I just wanna write stuff for female characters.’” 

He implemented his vision in Sandra Bullock’s The Heat which turned out to be a great addition to the comedy genre. With the successful marketing of female-led buddy cop film, it gained commercial success surging past $229 million worldwide.

Starring Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the leading roles with Demián Bichir, Marlon Wayans, Michael Rapaport, and Jane Curtin in supporting roles, The Heat can be streamed on Apple TV. 


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